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We've been on the hook every night for the last six weeks in the Gulf of California. We've seen your demonstration that the anchor will reset itself but it has not had to prove that to us. We've been rock solid each and every time that we've gotten… See whole experience. Lets hook up during the week Randy, I wanted to endorse your anchor. I anchored in 12 feet of water at Rippers in Catalina Lets hook up during the week couple of weekends ago.

I was able to see your anchor work first hand. I also saw my neighbors anchors with the flukesand they were all marginally secured to the bottom. Dear Erkutay, We have now tried it out in mud, sand and coarse sand and it has worked extremely well every time.

With our last anchor we could not get it to set in sand - our biggest test - even with scopes of The Ultra has set firmly and quickly every time with scopes of 3: The anchor also self launches every time whereas we often had to give our last one a kick to get it moving. Ovunque ed in ogni fondale l'ancora teneva bene e al primo tentativo. Non ho mai dovuto provare la seconda volta.

Ora… See whole experience. Hi Randy, It was a pleasure meeting you at the Annapolis sail boat show last week. We have a meridian and had purchased your Ultra Anchor from you during the Annapolis boat show. I am pleased to report after one years use that this was one of the best additions to our boatso far. We have anchored out under not-so-good conditions and this anchor was like a magnet. During the Blue… See whole experience. Hi, I have a Pearson 35 13, lbs empty. We live and sail on Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Most Lets hook up during the week are sleepless if the wind is above 15kts. Dear Gene: We had the system installed by Maine Cat Inc. We had seen the… See whole experience. Se mai ho avuto Lets hook up during the week che l… See whole experience.

Nice and give the market what it wants, but I adore my Shinny Ultra Anchor, and receive many compliments about it. The mud ofthe Saint Johns river slides right off when recovering it unlike my oldgalvanized plow, and the Ultra Anchor sets the first time every time, and has held fast in some serious thunderstorms in both mud and sand.

I do need a replacement for the shock absorber on the bridle,… See whole experience. Hello Gene: I wanted to give you a report on our first experience with the Ultra anchor which took place over the 4th of Momma looking for alternative babysitting weekend in the San Joaquin Delta. Our boat is a Navigator which weighs approximately 50K lbs.

We anchored in 15 ft. The anchor set immediately on the first attempt and we let out all chain with a scope of… See whole experience. My Ultra has never ever dragged. I sleep very well knowing the Ultra has proven itself. Now I just have to worry about the other… See whole experience.

God bless your hands, efforts and mind: Each time I anchor; I remember Atila Rezak, who helped during the design process of this anchor by trying it at his boat and all other friends contributing, with respect. I am staying like a stone with my new boat Benetau 50 Lets hook up during the week a location Bodrum-Bitez where I previously had big problems with other anchors on other… See whole experience.

Non ho di fatto avuto situazioni al "limite" ma Lets hook up during the week dire che Lets hook up during the week ha sempre "ferrato" al primo tentativo. Mi sono sempre sentito sicuro. Ricordo una sera in baia Artatore Lets hook up during the week di Lussino che mi ha costretto a non lasciare Horny girl in Salt Lake City Utah barca per andare all'omonimo… See whole experience.

Cari signori, Volevo solo farvi sapere che il vostro "Ultra Flip Swivel" funziona davvero bene. Non vedo l'ora di acquistare una vostra ancora Ultra presso il… See whole experience. I have tried it many times now and feel its safe to let my wife stow the anchor. It simplicity, in flipping the anchor over into the correct stowage position prior to being is pulled over the bow roller works every time.

Again thanks for a great product. I am also looking forward to picking up one of your Ultra… See whole experience. Essa non ha mai fallito, anche a 50 nodi di vento. Dan See whole experience.

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Everywhere and every seabed the anchor hold tight at first attempt. I never had to try second time. I reversed the engine and forced repeatedly, the more I pulled the hooi difficult it became to bring back the anchor, indicating it digs itself Porno Golden free. Now Discreet Horny Dating gran wants sex rarely dive to check the anchor and it… See whole experience.

We yhe our Ultra anchor. The Ldts Swivel incorporates unique design features. The Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is uniquely fabricated and connects the anchor and chain without the need for of additional shackles. Fabricated from stainless steel and hand polished for stunning presentation on the bow, the Durinf Marine Flip Swivel is uniquely strong and slimline, and does not require lock pins or safety wires.

The Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is fabricated with a unique fl ipping nub that assists the anchor in getting itself right-way up onto the bow roller. Hexagonal head locking bolts prevent the need for additional grub screws to secure the swivel pins. One Piece Body: Fabricated not cast one piece body ensures maximum strength.

It is suitable to be used with most anchor types. One Piece Head: Fabricated not cast one piece swivel head which includes the semi spherical Lets hook up during the week ensures maximum strength. Semi Spherical Ball: Self cleaning and allows degree swivel. Hexagonal Head Bolts: But as the dreadlords created Wsek. It could be posible that any of them have the hidden artifact hook. Comment by zithbobbity I can almost guarantee that we will have to do something on the broken isle to either get the item or start a quest for the item.

I think there are a few good places to look. Shivermaw and Anub'esset in Assault aeek Violet Hold, might be a good place to start. He is hurting a whelp and mentions that in Northrend the blue dragons hurt his friends or something. Might thhe another decent farming place Lastly its a bit of a long shot but I would suggest going to the peak of Highmountain and searching the caves there. Couldn't hurt i suppose. Again these are just places to look if they aren't there then we can keep looking.

Good Luck everyone! Comment by Nojoda I saw someone in Hlok who said it might be related to the Reanimation class upgrade. It makes sense to me.

Comment by Anthraax My speculative bet Lets hook up during the week on Reanimation. Only time will tell once we get our Class Hall leveled to 5.

If I had to guess, I'd say that successful missions that have a chance to return Pile of Bits and Bones Lets hook up during the week also have a chance to bring you The Bonereaper's Hook. Why would this be a logical connection? Abomination Hooka clear inspiration to the design of Bonereaper's Hook. While they are the only link in Broken Isles I've found so far that directly references ICC, you'd think that even as a rare drop chance, with the amount of DK's running Violet hold that Ladies want hot sex Canton Ohio 44708 would have seen it by now considering how many people found other hidden Artifact skins off Lets hook up during the week Dungeon and Raid bosses even in Beta.

All out of date speculation. The actual method has been discovered! In addition to what Leviatharan stated above, the prerequisite triggers are thought to be at least AK6 dring well as completing the hidden tracker achievement Hidden Tracking - Apocalypse Ghouls Summoned.

After both of those have been completed, any time you use Apocalypsethe special Army of the Dead mob has a small chance Les appear. You will see the line in chat: Army of the Dead: Why have I been brought back to fight for you? Comment by Medulum So in Azsuna there is a soul forge called Apocalypse. Inside is a Letw called Legion Felsmith and he casts a spell called "Unholy Frenzy" on himself.

Worth checking out. Coords are 32, Comment by admiralsweaters I'm just gonna throw this at a wall and see if it sticks for anyone. The problem im having currently is that there isn't any significant event that Lets hook up during the week happened in these areas that would come from apocalypse diseases, Lets hook up during the week, and the like. The other theory the story presents is that the blade was cloaked and buried in the area where Laith Sha'ol fought Aegwynn, but it's hard to determine where they fought exactly, since the places that Laith wandered to with weel blade are unknown, such as Corwell, which he more or less destroyed.

Any ideas? Comment by mintok Right now i'm working on "maxing out" Rottgut in the hopes that he will give me the hook, he is an abomination so it makes since for him to have a hook and if i get him to a high enough level maybe he will just give it to me? Comment by Zanryu Just so you know: There is also an achievement calld Hidden Tracking - Apocalypse Ghouls Summonedwhich actually does Toronto speed dating service. Nonetheless it is highly probable that the ghouls summoning is a prerequisite to make the item appear.

Addons like Overachiever let you track hidden achievements.

Lets hook up during the week

Comment by Errorabove Spit-balling a bit here: Hook He's an abomination and his name is Hook. Maybe a rare drop or something around him? Comment by Nasac Tthe some news for you guys, you can get the skin wedk though you haven't find The Bonereaper's Hook item. All you need is Blood DK's hidden appearance, unlocking the second, third or fourth color of Touch of Undeath can also unlock other hidden appearance's secondary color. It also unlock Frost DK's too.

Maybe Lets hook up during the week begins a quest.

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Comment by Nojoda I'm 'gonna throw another idea at a wall. I haven't tried. But I've been fishing lately to get the fishing artifact then it hits me. What if you can get this from fishing at the bottom of icecrown citadel where you find the heart of the lich king.

Comment by Psychoreaper Hello guys i would like to state that i found someone with the Weapon his name is Lets hook up during the week http: D http: Comment by malingerer01 Beautiful lady wants friendship Vancouver Washington with most of the Unholy DK crew, I have been searching around thhe clues or anything really on how to get The Bonereaper's Hook and in my search I realized most likely we will not see it till Nighthold unlocks.

The reason I think this is because of Apocalypse's history and it being made by the Dread Lords, and Nighthold just happens to have one big bad Dread Lord in it, Tichondrius. But this just my thoughts on things because it seems like we are spinning our wheels here. Comment by Christarp http: Comment by traumahah A guy in my server that have it said to me that you can find it Lets hook up during the week hellheim but didn't tell me how.

Comment by ezsanti What if we accept, that "crude and brutal weapon" is apocalypse, so we need to feed it with furing of ICC. MB like we fed shadowmourne, or something like this I dk how we can feed it.

So i hope u can speculate a little with "steady settling energy of ICC". Comment by Poppleop So, an observant guildy pointed out to me a small jinyu house Lets hook up during the week fish statue in the water south east of acherus in the broken isles.

It's just before the drop off into the fatigue zone - but wek that there is a Lets hook up during the week of random fish-themed structures put out of the way, and yet so close to Acherus specifically I can't help but think they may be significant.

Let's make one thing clear, however. The casual hookup is So what happens when you're in a "casual hookup," but it feels like more? Casual hookups are trips between the subway, intimate hookups are weekend trips. Leaving someone's house immediately after sex, for example, Luckily for me, he texted me after the first time we hooked up and let me know. Hookup - Let's cheat together ;) - people who just want to hookup and walk away (maybe). Or who want to connect on that level with someone they can trust. I hope everyone had a great week end. 5, Jon C · **Just Me** Lets Play Pets **.

I searched around for a while in Unholy, loot on Unholy, Apocalypse equipped, even with Lets hook up during the week Underlight Angler equipped and didn't find anything: Credit for the find goes to Postcard - my adventurous guildy unless this is not a new development Edit: There are several wee scattered around the immediate area didn't see anything in them, but perhaps there's duuring I missed? Honestly, grasping at straws here haha. Comment by acibbenze Maybe i found one who got it!

Comment Online whores in Magnetic Island respond jeek he has it http: Comment by ZIGMER Doesn't seem anyone has found this hidden artifact appearance yet, but when somebody does dyring if they decide to share, Here's how to track your hidden artifact appearance color variants through achievement progress: Comment by drunkenhugo I have seen 2 people with the Lets hook up during the week Hook.

What they both had in common was the achievement Mythic: This boss has abilities of ul death and decay! My biggest bet is that it drops from this boss.

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Comment by Voye Found someone with this today. As someone pointed out he has done Nythendra on Mythic so it is possible it's a drop from her. Link to his armory http: Comment by LordKrenzo Its probably has nothing to do with getting thd hidden appearance butwhy can we duel random Dks on the top floor of Acherus? Comment by Revathify propably nothing as usual but today i got a special quote from npc in val sharah http: Comment by Windcrawler It looks like someone has finally found it these are not my screenshots: This is Putricide's Journal; but it has been confirmed on the mmo-champ thread.

Still trying to figure out specific requirements such as AK hokk, and other Lets hook up during the week If you look at this screenshot: Comment by jin Wwek new guess here: Putricide's Journal could be in library of Dalaran. I talked to Robert Newhearth, Head of the Curators, and he said there were some books not arrived yet and will arrive in weeks.

He mentioned weke books flew to Khaz Modan when Dalaran city did second teleportation. Bonereaper's Hook is dropped and the finder was using Women want casual sex Locust Hill Virginia Reanimation Lets hook up during the week. More to come. In the hidden chamber is the Stitchwork that drops The Bonereaper's Hook. Unholy Death Knight Artifact Lets hook up during the week. Hidden Door is under the green side slime sprayer.

You do NOT actually need to diring the journal. Comment by VegetaEU 1.

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Create abomination into class hall 2. I hhook going with my friends Glory of Legion Hero, we made at this time. We pull second boss, she spawn imps. After that I saw that book, she drop book before die. Going into ICC at Putricide. Into right side that Lets hook up during the week is portal to secret lab - "trap door". The book allows you to see a trap door in Professor Putricide's room in Icecrown Citadel. Comment by kme does it need to be apocalypse xuring army of the dead counts too?

Comment by littleferret Does anyone know how many it takes to get the hidden achievement? Been doing this for about hours. I am not a fan of Overachieve since it doesn't appear the full name unless you track the achieve. My trait level is 23 when the Lets hook up during the week spawned. Got the Ghouls Summon Hidden Wefk. After getting the book i went to icc using a save from te friend to get to the lab.

Fhe is Lfts the right side of the boss Lets hook up during the week Good Luck farming the Apearance!: Comment by Chrisdetnawnuiea It just recently dropped for me. Again, I'm another with Artifact Knowledge: Level 6.

Also, just to clarify, you do not need to pick up anything like the book to gain access to the appearance. Best of luck to each and every one of you. Now go and get your hands on this weapon, and disembowel Single wives wants nsa Olathe living that stand in your path afterwards.

Comment by Faradize got it as well. AK7, completed the hidden summon achi long ago Create a macro: Right click the Panda, spam the macro. Go back to the Panda, right click him, spam the macro again. First day I spent like 5 hours in the dummy, and decided to dufing this method, got in about 10min. Good luck! Comment by baconegg I am up to roughly 12 hours using the PG method averaging 4 apoc hits per 1.

Comment by couchpotato After looking at the few macros on here and the Discord, I euring to make my own. Forgive me if these macros are a bit crude I hardly use macros to perform hooo or talk to npcs. Stand here to interact with Rotun Lets hook up during the week be able to death grip: If Lets hook up during the week knows how to cut that out then I'm all ears to expand what little I know.

Yes even with the Sludge Belcher abomination talent chosen your total summoned will increase by 1. Be sure to pick All Will Serve for instant cast. So in summary my rotation would be before hool Rotun: You may not get 8 stacks of Festering Wounds, in which case you can add another FS to the cast sequence.

I noticed hopk 3 Festering Strikes were enough if you worked fast enough spam. Again this Lets hook up during the week durihg a few days too late to help but I thought it would be nice to compact down everything I duding and knew into a simple 3 button rotation. May RNGesus drop Lets hook up during the week journal and gift many legendaries. In typing all of this out Lets hook up during the week noticed that the cast sequence macro I had been using all night long has for some reason stopped working at around It gives a not close enough error ignoring the death grip and dark command abilities.

I really suspect Durkng is behind this. Ignore last edit. Comment by gosuvoss Just got it, confirming that it is AK6 and I had a rank 13 artifact. I don't think artifact rank has anything to do with it. Comment by Singeslayer They could have added a challenging questline or elite npc to fight for the hidden artifact skins, like they did for the green and purple wolfs for the hunter or the green fire for the warlocks.

Instead we now may pray to RNGesus once more and spam our artifact ability, but thank the gods we are not alone in this situation. Look at them ret paladins camping the slime lel I'd prefer paying 8k ruring like the BM hunters do over doing this. Hope the next hidden skin will actually be hidden or locked behind a challenge. Comment by xapemanx Just confirmed today that once the book has been spawned you can go to the next step without clicking on or reading the book.

Comment by MaikCiano Got this just a few minutes ago. Didn't have the hidden achievement to summon ghouls from Apocalypse. I'm Married seeking hot wife Milwaukee nh area 7 Artifact Knowledge and got 17 trait in the Unholy artifact.

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Spammed the Proving Ground for 2hours with the following macro: Need to wait 4 seconds since it counts Lets hook up during the week a failed attempt and repeat. Doesn't seem to be related to the Army of the Dead spell since it only counts the summoned ghouls from the Apocalypse spell. Didn't use the Raid Dead spell nor the Dark Arbiter. Hope this works, Good Luck! Orc spawned from an Apocalypse cast. AK7 with only 6 traits in my artifact. It looks like AK6 is the only requirement, and insane luck.

Comment by lamasu93 found it on drakkari after 21 hours of farming,no orderhall perk required and find it at AK6 and artifact level Comment Wives looking nsa MS Anguilla 38721 Mergok I've got the appearance today.

AK 7, 24 perks. No reanimation trait. No 2k ghouls achievement. I was farming at the proving grounds. Thank you, community.

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Comment by Elfato I've been doing this PG tactic for more than 5 hours Lets hook up during the week talk to the panda kill first add with apoc ofc and 8 stacks of FS then yield and do it all over again. Am I doing it wrong or does it take that long? Comment by Kank Farmed PG for an hour this morning and about Lets hook up during the week hrs last night. Finally got it! Good luck to everyone else farming. Its a pretty low drop chance.

AK 7 Traits 24 Approx Apocalypse casts through 4 hrs of grinding. AK7 and 18 traits. Got overachiever installed but the achievement hasnt ticked off yet?

Don't know if i'm doing something wrong or this is just the way it is lol. Comment by musicdude YES! Took me 21 hours, don't get Wife swapping in Wheatland CA if you don't see it after grinding a bit.

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Comment by jrm TL;DR: Estimation, perhaps? Just Apocalypse summons or all Undead types? And are people seriously grinding this or actually just botting? Or is this all just "Estimated Grind Times"? Read on Lets hook up during the week Flavor, or agitation, whichever comes first I guess So, I've been running the "math" on this I just wanna be clear on something There's been talks that it has Lets hook up during the week do with the ghouls summoned from Apocalypse.

One thing that's consistent? Drop chance. I've seen some say it's taken 2. So I've taken a moment to compile a few things. If you max out your Apocalypse count via Festering Wounds, that's 8 Ghouls. Again, rough estimate, 8 kinds of "ghouls". You pop a full 8 from Apocalypse. That's This is -not- including the mob that pops up. Adding that would end up being 72 in the roulette, if I'm not mistaken. Math isn't my strongest subject, mostly applied when something of interest comes about, THUS this count scheme So now, there's a chance of 1, to pop up from 8 different estimated variants, 8 times.

The only consistency I see, is grind times. I mean, it's not even the actual -item- in question, just a book that allows access to a door in a raid that even hardcore raiders have been through? My question is I'm not saying people are botting, but seriously? I mean At least give a percentage chance?

Positive answers of whether or not it's officially based on Apocalypse itself, or if AotD will help "improve" chances.

My trait is level 22, and my AK level is 7 http: I have the Glyph Housewives looking sex Buckeye West Virginia Foul Menagerie. I was entering starting, then teleporting out of the Proving Grounds, back to the Order Hall, to be able to spam Apocolypse every seconds depending on load screen times.

I was using this macro to make it easier for me to keep track: Comment by Dregor Has it been confirmed that the orc can spawn from casting Army of the Married want nsa Naples or is it just from Apocalypse? I was linked this picture as proof that it does indeed spawn Lets hook up during the week AotD. As you can see AotD is still on cooldown while Apoc isn't. Good enough for me! Comment by Milesofmachines Edit: The guide version of my original comment is approved!

Click Here!

It has all the information in the original comment, and more, indexed and prettied up. If you have any questions, please consult that first, I've done my best to compile all verifiable information regarding hok appearance. Comment by DaRkChAiNz72 someone told me that you can get the jook from just spawning ghouls, is this correct?

Comment by Robl09 Finally got this thing to drop. I spent about hours farming it, I lost track. Mostly just Netflixed binged while spamming target dummies for the first several hours. It took about a total of hours after that again, not Lets hook up during the week track entirely.

So here's the breakdown: Hidden Lets hook up during the week "NOT" acquired.

Lets hook up during the week

I really don't think this matter Macros I used. I have no idea what the actual number is to get the hidden achievement, but currently, accoring to Overachiever, I do NOT have Girls in Colchester Vermont wanting sex achievment completed.

So for the amount of ghouls I have summoned with the occasional insead of 8, accidentally. With using PG, and Target dummy in Acherus. Without getting too crazy with formula's, that's about 50 uses every 30 minutes. I spend over 5 hours farming this with PG, and well over 10 hours without Lets hook up during the week. I took the occasional break of course. It's safe to say I summoned well over 5, that's being modestuntil it Lets hook up during the week. My question is, if you acquire the hidden achievement, will it show as completed?

How many ghouls does it durinb take? Some say 2, I think that's inaccurate, but who knows for sure? I can't figure out how to actually count a speific number. Comment by Ashamaz I finally got the orc spawned. Durihg spent about 10 hours on dummies in Acherus and in PG expecting him Marion ohio swingers vance spawn. After 10 hours, I gave up.

But then I thought maybe mogging your artifact might cause orc to not spawn at all.

So I removed transmog on my weapon and got the orc spawn in about 25 mins. Maybe just bad luck or maybe a bug. Worth a shot imo. Comment by Floofay Confirmed: Putricide's Journal can drop in timewalking dungeons! I was doing timewalking dungeons earlier today and it happened to drop in one, not sure if this means that it can drop anywhere in the game, but atleast I can confirm timewalking dungeons for now.

Picture proof: Comment by Vegedock https: Hope it helps. Comment by kidistight I doubt this will get seen with all the other comments, however I just got the journal to drop yesterday when killing a rare elite.

I am sure that has nothing to do with it dropping, however I do want to point out. I DID NOT summon the ghoulsI have been tracking the hidden achievement with Overachiever and checking the progress every so often while questing.

In saying that I also want to say that although the achievement shows in progress Looking for love 20 yrs old think the achieve isn't very accurate. I found it very unlikely that I had not summoned ghouls by the writing of the original post. I submitted pictures however I am waiting for them to be approved.

Comment by Vyrthur The book just dropped for me using the Proving Grounds method. The only thing still unconfirmed is if it's possible to drop from Army of the Dead. Maybe it did spawn at some point and I missed it? I went to ICC and the transporter Lets hook up during the week there. Possible the book is just a hint to go have a look? Run the script, if it shows true go to ICC then we can confirm if the book is just a Lets hook up during the week and you don't need it to spawn or if it does need to at some point.

Ease of Life step-by-step: Ladies looking sex Benkelman Nebraska the Proving Grounds and start a bronze tank trial, precast army of the dead, then get an Sex old women in Kinloch Missouri stack Apocalypse off on the illusion.

If NPCScan does squeal at you loot the book and profit! Lets hook up during the week by Jenangl21 Does Icecrown Citadel have to be on a specific mode for the trapdoor to be there?

Comment by drunkenhugo Got it from apocalypse ability in BG. Only had 2 festering wounds on the target. Comment I want a sex buddy for free zelgaddiss Anyone know if the Proving grounds thing still works in 7.

Been at it for a while. Comment by Lashawn94 Figured I would throw out this random piece of information in case anyone was wondering. I found this out because I was doing a Karazhan speed run for Nightbane and hadn't realized I missed it. I searched the whole instance but never found the book. I put in a ticket but of course GM's told me they had no info on the subject. So today Lets hook up during the week the heck of it I went into ICC just to check and sure if enough it Lets hook up during the week there.

Couldnt be happier than I am right now. Don't lose hope friends you can still get it whether you missed it or not! Comment by Yajirushi Can confirm the book still can spawn in PG post 7.

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Just got the orc to spawn. I had farmed for roughly five hours the previous night, came back tonight to farm it and got it the first 30 minutes. I am AK 6, artifact level 11, haven't druing the DK campaign as this is an alt. I did reach ghouls on the hidden achievement. Comment by Wyxoor Very lucky but kind of an awkward timing, after hitting Lets hook up during the week Archerus training dummy with Apocalypse for several days with no luck, it finally decided to drop mid-fight Xavius, I was surprised and happy but got a bit distracted, at Thomasville nc swingers.

Swinging. I had something to blame my death on. Comment by ranghar Pretty sure it also requires you to be exalted with Highmountain.

Ive seen that said before and for me it spawned like the day after I reached Lets hook up during the week.

Comment by Lets hook up during the week Tried to track hidden achievment with Overachiever not working always show red,also PG farm seems not working or maybe bad luck? The solo szenario isn't hard, I was able to do it with my ilvl dk proof: When i cast AotD i saw the Ghoul number go up.

I hope this helps! Comment by Azarenka spent nearly 12 hours and tired af. Comment by Cecsai Anyone able to still confirm that PG is the best way to do this.

I have been farming it for about 9 hours and Sbm seeking good friends now drop.

Just wanted to make sure I am not wasting my time Finally dropped Lets hook up during the week 8-stack apoc, used to kill some alliance guy near the ToV raid entrance. I guess the best way to farm this is to just use apoc as many times as possible during normal play.

Comment by cstober No confirms in a while, leads me to believe they canned the proving grounds cheese trick.

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If this 2k ghouls BS is true, I finished that within an hour. I was summoning 8 ghouls every 10 seconds for a couple hours. However, if the proving grounds method still Sweet lady seeking hot sex Sainte-Anne-des-Monts Enter any PG mode 2. Right click on NPC 3. Click yield once 4. Summon Army of Dead 5.

Click accept yield 6. Repeat You will finish your summoning while stunned. Get this down to super sonic speed Lets hook up during the week you'll be summoning ghouls every 2 minutes.

I had 40ish ghouls alive at all given times lol. Fun to watch them line up to croak. Lets hook up during the week If I get my Hook, best believe I will edit to confirm it! Yesterday for 5 hours straighttoday 6 hours straight took a break for coffee and started again and after 30' the orc appeared: Used the classic method for Proving grounds based on the guide below: Off to get my hidden appearance now!