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Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus

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), perpetual road cyclist, and all the time lover of banter. Lol If interested just reply back with CHANGE in the subject box, and include a if you're feeling that I've piqued your interests enough. I'm looking for someone who gets that.

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Partial suffocation adds to your feelings that your partners are treating you like a piece of shit. If it goes on for a while, you get to experience being covered with your own thick saliva and whatever heaves up from your belly. So I know. Still there is something erotic about having a cock head press hard against the throat opening for a few seconds before being forced down that narrow passageway.

It gets a little too nasty if the victim pukes although that Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus give one the opportunity to Adult wants sex tonight Drayton their faces in it. Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus we finished with Penelope, her self esteem was lower than whale shit.

Penelope Grace left her bathroom a different woman than when Karl and I led her in by her nipples. My bag of tricks included a pair of Kelly forceps. I magnanimously awarded Karl the honor on placing them and he jumped at the chance.

He was obviously enjoying himself at her expense. A grimacing Penelope inhaled sharply. My nips had experienced the tender mercy of Dr. But the BDSM crowd saw other possibilities.

Karl locked the handle causing his wife to yelp. I could tell from the look on his face, he was Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus himself.

Penelope begged us to remove the forceps as we roughly led her upstairs to the master bath. Fortunately, it was large enough to easily Horny matures San Diego California woman the three of us.

McMansions have their advantages. According to Karl, Penelope suffered from constipation after the birth of their youngest; so there was an industrial size two quart pumpkin style enema bag, a bottle of Castile soap, and a selection of nozzles including a large one that had never been used until I shoved it Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus her sphincter. I started with a mild solution of the Castile and warm water.

Karl bent her over with her face in the commode. That was his idea.

He was showing potential as a sadist. She let out a loud howl when the flow started and clinched her fists.

My cock hardened at the sight of her suffering. She was an excellent moaner. The Club Macabre crowd would like that. The Castile soap irritates the bowel and creates an irresistible urge to shit. You cramp up and your guts hurt like all hell.

Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus

She was sweating like a pig. She did as she was told. I felt a wave of inner satisfaction that my dick was in the mouth of a female FBI agent who considered me, local Boston PD, her inferior. Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus managed to Hot women seeking hot fucking woman looking man xxx her shit inside until Karl returned with a large plastic pail of ice water and the video camera he left downstairs.

She barely managed to get her rear on the throne before her ass exploded. She clutched her abdomen and whined as her intestines cramped. Enemas are fun for onlookers but hell for participants. I took hold of the forceps to insure compliance.

As soon as she opened up, I casuxl in to my balls, sealing her mouth shut with my scrotum. A good gagger will squeeze your Hto with a pulsing motion. The smell was pretty bad but it added to her shame and my Eros. I took a deep breath to enjoy the aroma. I held her head as I gave jacked hammered Hor face.

I held her head in a Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus like grip being as brutal as I could. He could hardly wait to take his turn. Saliva spilled out over her lower lip onto her boobs.

Karl was getting some great houssewives of her degradation. Her bowels were not going to be happy.

Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus I Am Seeking Man

Saliva came pouring over her lower lip. I briefly spelled Karl so he could take a few minutes of video.

ssex I wondered how many viral Web sites would ultimately display her being brought low. Once Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus we bent her over the now polluted commode.

Karl placed his hand on the back Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus her head and pushed her face down into the enema water. That was a shitty thing to do. As a husband he struck me as a nasty bastard; but he seemed like a terrific golf buddy. I operated the video camera as she struggled to rise. He only relented when she began shaking violently. I used the big nozzle this time and went deep as it would go. There is nothing more gut wrenching that an ice cold enema mixed with castile soap.

You feel like you are seeknig to die of the cramps. Your intestines contract and move as they react to the unaccustomed drop in temperature. Karl kept the camera going as Penelope begged us to stop in between screams of pain.

I held the bag high taking advantage of the law of hydraulics. You could see spasmodic movements in her swollen abdomen. We made her hold it for a while. Penelope had a theatrical talent for begging and whining. Her pleas for mercy were so expressive I almost relented. Once she was back on the commode Karl and I engaged in another round of throat fucking that left her gasping for breath. After we had exhausted the possibilities of Lookin for southren Columbia Missouri particular form of abuse we forced her into the oversized shower stall.

Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus Ready Sex Meet

It easily held the three Antus us. She swallowed some, gagged on most and finally wound up curled up in a ball as Karl and I gave her a head to foot urine bath.

It was time to move to the next phase; so we cleaned her up, dried her off, and carried her to the bedroom. I got a good close up of Karl giving her nipples a final painful twist then unlocking the Kelly.

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She gave out a sharp scream, grabbed her boob and rolled around on the bed sobbing. The return of blood to the crushed capillaries is agonizing.

Sadists have a thing for breast torture and Penelope had enough tit to keep a herd of them happy for hours. I figured between what was happening tonight and her first sessions at Anggus club her tits would never be quite the same. When the pain subsided we gave her some water and took a brief respite. Karl started a hard core porn video on the Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus. It was high def and HHot a number of my favorite porn stars being sexually abused. It started with Sasha Grey taking on three super hung black dudes Want free sex with sluts Waterbury Connecticut seemed intent on slapping her silly.

Given that beautiful Sasha was a tiny woman, I could only conclude she Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus hollow when all three monster cocks were inside her.

It was a hollow threat. He spread her so wide she was in a full split. Without the yoga, he would have dislocated housewivew. It was a rape fuck. Forget the foreplay, the love talk, the teasing, and all the other preliminaries.

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We were two horny teens looking for stray pussy to rape. Penelope was on the receiving end of the kind of mean fuck horny Italian Stallions perform when they grab some drunk female off the narrow city streets. The stupid cunts never seem to learn that dressing up like a slut, getting blasted at a club then walking home alone at two in the morning means you want to be raped and Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus truth be told, you should be raped.

If the victim tried to resist, you broke her nose with your sap. Sometimes zeeking flattened her beak just because it was a fun thing to do or she weeking really good looking and needed to be taken down a peg. In those days, I considered slamming it home while her smashed nose spewed blood a real turn on. If the bitch is dumb enough to Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus screaming, a Pecos n m women getting fucked act in a part of town where casial your own business was Rule Number One, you slammed your sap across her teeth.

Most Sunday mornings after Casaul and I had been on the prowl, the cops would find one or more nude females with a busted face Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus over a trash barrel with semen and blood running down her thighs. Fortunately, Tony and I were never caught and we both grew out of being a bad shit. Tony is a Angks in the local mob and runs things out at the Suffolk Downs tracks.

Want Sexy Meeting Hot housewives seeking casual sex Angus

We almost lasted the entire four hours. Penelope finally got her head in the right place and let her inner whore emerge. The woman became a fucking nympho begging for more cock.