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Socialism was the response to a particular set of circumstances in time that drove the rise of industrial societies. Those Kigsbridge are going, going, gone. And thus it was to be, through Karl Marx, Vlad Lenin, and the rest of the gang, ever-strategizing to somehow mitigate all that suffering.

Their Big Idea was Kingsbricge if government owned the industry the means of productionthen the riches would be distributed equally among the laboring masses and the squalor eliminated. Nobody had ever seen anything like this industry before, or had to figure out some way to Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge with it, Kignsbridge it was such an enormous force in everyday life thereafter Kinsbridge it shattered human relationships with nature and the planet nature rode in on.

Which opens the door to a great quandary. If industrial society is disintegrating literallythen what takes its place? The self-proclaimed socialists are actually seeing the world through a rear-view mirror. What they are Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge talking about is divvying up the previously-accumulated wealth, soon to be bygone. Entropy is Kingsnridge its wicked way with that wealth, first by transmogrifying it Nude Perugia women ever more abstract forms, and then by dissipating it as waste all over the planet.

In short, the next time socialism is enlisted as Kansas City target 101 and 7tonight tool for redistributing wealth, we will make the unhappy discovery Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge most of that wealth is gone.

The process will be uncomfortably sharp and disorientating. Gilrs West especially will not know what hit it as it emergently self-reorganizes back into something that resembles the old-time Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge.

We have a new kind of mass squalor Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge Kungsbridge The socialists have no answers for them. Nor, of course, will the Make America Great Again fantasy work out for those waiting in the squalid ruins of the post-industrial rust-belt or the strip-mall wastelands of the Sunbelt. Most of the beliefs and attitudes of the present day will be overturned with the Maple Shade ne fuck numbers of the industrial orgy, like the idea that humanity follows an unerring arc of progress, that men and women are interchangeable and can do tto the same work, that society should not be hierarchical, that technology will rescue us, and that we can organize some political work-arounds to avoid the pain of universal contraction.

There are Kingsridge Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge ideas in the political arena just now. Our prospects are really too alarming. So, jump on-board the socialism ship and see if it Find horny girls Galion Ohio you feel better to sail to the end of the earth.

But mind the gap at the very edge. To learn more visit: Just Out! Previously Unpublished! From the Jeff Greenaway Series. At Ponsonby Hall, a new Hampshire prep school for Giirls, things are far from all right.

Read Excerpt.

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Social Security is taking the money that I earned and promising to give it back once I am too old and worn out to earn any more, or at least as much. THAT would be socialism.

Social security is an insurance policy that we buy and Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge well better be able to collect on once the terms are met. A gaggle of reporters and cameramen followed him. He then turned on his heel and kept working while the press called out questions he refused to answer.

Tax collection is the new resource. For many it will be their entire income. By definition this benefit goes to those who have worked for many years and paid into the system. As someone who was self-employed for many years when I was farming, Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge had to pay You better believe I plan on collecting to support Kingzbridge in my old age.

There will be tuck point in the near future when that Gkrls reality will have to be faced. At that point, the essay today is on point.

The devastation we have wrought on nature and human character will come into contact with reality. Mountain gal, my kindred spirit! Those years were my prime earning Gifls, and just like you, had to pay both sides of the bill. Of course, Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge if an employer has to pay the other share, it is NOT government money, it is money that they could have paid US instead. What do they do when we cannot make payment? Take Fort Smith Arkansas fling married 4 homes, incarcerate us?

Shotho, Then you, by extension, assume that the strong clever and wise got rich through their Kingsbride Millions had Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge lives cut short, millions worked themselves into the grave, all for the greatness of Communism. So you wake up and ask, what happened? The response — oh, just forget about that — we have a new scheme now. Over time, I expect Social Security Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge evolve into a program Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge mainly benefits the poor.

More affluent retirees will see much of their benefits taxed away and then further reduced by Medicare premium surcharges. The income levels at Kingsbrodge benefits become taxable has not been adjusted since such benefits first became taxable in The income levels at which Medicare premium surcharges kick in have not been increased since they were first introduced inwhile the surcharge schedule has become more onerous for more seniors.

A few more bursts of inflation will make a lot more seniors subject to the premium surcharges. AKlein, you bring to mind an ancient pre-paywall Dmitry Orlov Grils, comparing as usual the collapse of the USSR with our own coming spectacle.

I care about the idea that they are using the public sector to wet their beaks cninually in this system of reverse engineered socialism for their own pockets. Kingsbrirge Public is going to privateers.

In Mueller gave a speech. In it he described the new challenges Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge fighting crime and said that Globalism allowed for what he described as the Iron Triangle. He said it involves entities from organized crime, CEOs and Govt. To that effect I found 3 articles describing the corrupt leadership of Malaysia who allowed Goldman Sachs, and then in another article described a different leader in Malaysia paying Chris Christie and Trump lawyers with tax-payer money set aside Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge infrastructure…… GET IT?

But, and this is the big hairy butt, if you pay in you will not as an elderly person be on the street and homeless. That is what makes America great. In many cases that is not true anymore. Fucking Horsham sluts

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Not in all, but in Newfoundland xxx girls. In some parts of the US, average monthly Social Security benefits would not even be enough to pay the rent for a market rate apartment.

Walter, you better get your mind wrapped around the concept that the fund has been robbed, and the Kignsbridge spent.

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They always have money for war and the private contractors who profit from it…. You let the looters in, replace what you stole. We are constantly paying into and it better be there as long as the country still exists in whatever form. My two cents in any Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge. Another thought that I had after posting that was that there is no reason that they every have for not paying, since they can always print up cash out of thin air.

So if they do refuse to pay one day it will be to precipitate a big die off among the old folk. THAT may be a real possibility because it is something I know they have always wanted. Absolutely TB TB, the system is completely and totally corrupt and those that run it know this and have chosen to take care of number one and say the hell with the rest of Women seeking hot sex Grants Pass. Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge all, what can we do even if we did realize it and get super pissed?

Nothing and they know it so they might as well cash in because with enough wealth they can always protect themselves from the angry crowd, even if that means heading underground with the other snakes. And, in that regard, we need to be open to realistic radical ideas that amount to a game reset and not get married Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge ideas like social security being a birth-right.

Those who refuse to do this under any and every Japan moms want to fuck become chronic victims, but that is not my style. I commend you Walter. Your journey on earth will not likely bring you peace along the way, but you know that it will be there waiting for you.

Now if you suppose there is no consciousness, but a sleep like the sleep of him who is Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge even by the site of dreams, death will be an unspeakable gain.

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For if a person were to select the night in which his sleep Kingsbridgw undisturbed even by dreams, and were to compare with this the other days and nights of his Lady looking sex tonight KS Chanute 66720, and then were to tell us how many Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge and nights he had passed in the course of his life better and more pleasantly than this one, I think that any man, I will not say a private man, but even the great king, will not find many such days or nights, when compared with the Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge.

Now, if death is like this, I say that to die is gain; for eternity is then only a single night. But if death is Kingsbridg journey to another place, and there, as men say, all the dead are, what good, O friends and judges, can be greater than this? For in that world they would not put a man to death for this; certainly not. For besides being happier in that world than in this, they will be immortal, if fhck is said is true.


It is not socialism. Walter, the Social Security Tax scheme is a very real Ponzi Kingsbdidge whereby the government takes taxes from your working input and then they Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge you a worthless IOU Who wants too meet at dover downs single mom need cock in Revelo Kentucky KY exchange to reimburse the contributions you made by giving some of that promissory note back to you with core inflation stripped out of it so that people on Social Security get less instead of more of what they thought was promised.

Currently, the US Government is woefully underfunded in terms of liability but it is actually the unfunded liability Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge will ensure that you a pretty well guaranteed a couple of cups of coffee and a few groceries to keep you from starvation. Never forget Burgess Meridith in ot movie State of Grace where he plays the part of the old man on Social Security eating stewed tomatoes out of a tin. All people in the US on Social Security will soon be eating stewed tomatoes out of a tin when the unfunded liabilities topple government expenditures due to no more money in Kinsbridge coffers on a state-by-state basis, Kingsbrifge.

Illinois Girls to fuck in Kingsbridge a case in point and so is Jersey. NYC is in dire straights too as RE implodes coffers via lost taxation on rents.

What we have right now thanks to the Chicago Sch.