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A New Yorker story about a dangerous fault line in the Pacific Northwest caused a widespread panic across the country. But for journalists, or at least this one, fear is not an end in itself. Authors, occasionally; readers, no. But earlier this month, when a story I wrote about a dangerous fault line in the Pacific Northwest hit the newsstands, the overwhelming response was alarm. Novelists and screenwriters can Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w people, feel pretty good about themselves, and call it a day.

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At best, it is a means to an end, a way to channel emotion into action. To Wzshington that, however, you need to navigate between the twin obstacles of panic which makes you do all the wrong things and fatalism which makes you do nothing.

In general, however, the shaking will be strongest on the coast and diminish somewhat as you move inland. The lightest shaking, indicated here in pale green, will be just strong enough to wake people out of Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w and knock over unsecured objects.

That intensity will gradually increase as you move west; in the hardest-hit areas, indicated by dark red, the shaking will be strong enough to seriously damage even well-built structures. The color scheme has changed but the gist is the same: As you can see, the zones of severity basically extend in parallel vertical bands across the region. Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w one shows peak ground acceleration—a different metric than intensity, but one that also captures the relative severity of the earthquake across the region.

Only those who are inside the inundation Vandouver when the earthquake strikes. That zone is as long as the fault line—seven hundred miles, from California to Canada—but very narrow. Exactly how far inland the zone extends varies considerably, not only with the size of the earthquake but also with the shape and height of the coastline and factors like the presence of rivers which function as hoses, creating a narrower channel in which the water will travel further. At most, Vancpuver, the tsunami will reach just three miles Im iso a girl into anal. The problem, of course, is that the narrow band of the inundation zone corresponds to the most popular and populous places on the coast: Yet within that Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w, the devastation will be almost total.

DOGAMI is in the process of compiling maps that will indicate the inundation zone and evacuation routes for every Oregon coastal town, as well as note the estimated wave-arrival times at various places in each town, together with the estimated time needed to reach high ground.

In the meantime, most places on the Pacific Northwest coast have an evacuation map like this onefor the towns of Seaside and Gearhart, which appear in the original article.

Google Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w relevant map before fuckz visit; memorize it if you live there. Some readers wondered if Seattle is vulnerable to the tsunami because of its location on the Puget Sound; it is not.

That city and others could experience some seiches, mini-tsunamis in lakes and other inland bodies of water, but those would be just a few feet tall, at most—and they should be correspondingly low on the list of things to worry about.

Nor will other major cities along the I-5 corridor be directly affected by the tsunami.

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Another reader wondered if those in Hawaii should be nervous. It Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w hit Japan, but by then it will have lost most of its height—and Japan, a highly tsunami-ready nation, will have more than enough advance warning to protect its citizens. No, although I heard that word a lot after the piece Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w published.

The odds I cite in the story are correct: Perhaps no line in the entire six-thousand-word piece attracted as much attention as this declaration by Kenneth Murphy, head of the FEMA division responsible for Cascadia: Nor did he mean that every structure west of the interstate will fail, although there the numbers are grimmer: That does start to seem pretty toast-like.

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Meanwhile, another issue, one not apparent from those numbers, also helps explain why Murphy is so concerned. From an emergency-management perspective, access is everything: Because there is very little redundancy in the transportation infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest, and because that infrastructure is so vulnerable, the Cascadia College mature amateur women looking for fun will turn countless places within Vancouber region into towns like that.

So a better analogy than toast is this: FEMA has also Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w arrangements with the U. Navy Third Fleet to conduct a massive sea-lift operation for those stranded on the coast—but, for logistical reasons, it will take the fleet seven days from the time of the quake to arrive.

Realistically, given Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w that vulnerable infrastructure and the huge scale of the problem, is there anything individuals can do to protect themselves? Absolutely, and most of it is simple and inexpensive or free.

The Red Cross, FEMAand Washinggton, city, and state governments all provide guides to emergency preparedness for individuals and families. If you own a home anywhere west of the Cascade Mountains, bolt it to its foundation. The majority of private homes in the timber-rich Pacific Northwest are made of wood—and wooden homes, like trees themselves, are supple enough to withstand even powerful shaking.

Those that are bolted to their foundations should Adult dating in Maryland very Ffee in the Cascadia earthquake.

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Conversely, those that are not bolted down will jolt off their foundations and collapse, imperilling everything—and everyone—inside them. Strap down your water heater. A water heater is basically a bomb in your basement: If it topples over during an earthquake, it can smash that line and start Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w fire. Or it can smash the water line and cause a flood. Or it can do both. You can Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w a plumber to Married women wanting sex Las Vegas Nevada your heater, or do so yourself with a water-heater-strap kitavailable at any fucka store for around twenty dollars.

Redecorate your home with an eye to gravity. Your job is to prevent Frree, and you can do so in a couple of hours and at essentially no cost.

Bolt bookshelves and tall furniture to the wall. Move heavy objects from higher shelves to lower ones. Install latches on your cabinets. Airborne wine bottles do not do good things to human heads. Make a plan with your family.

No matter when it strikes—though especially if it does so during school and business hours—the earthquake will leave countless people separated from Vancojver loved ones. At the same time, it will cut or severely compromise telecommunications systems, making it difficult or impossible to track one another down via phone calls, e-mails, or texts. ni

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Choose a meeting place for your family, remembering that many bridges will WWashington down and many roads impassable. Find out if your city has designated earthquake-gathering areas, where food, water, and first aid will be available; some, like Portlanddo. If you have children, learn the earthquake plan at their schools, day-care centers, camps, and after-school activities.

If Local girls personals in Coyviller live across a bridge from where you work or where your Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w attend school, arrange in advance for a friend to pick them up or meet them at home if the earthquake occurs during school hours and you cannot get there yourself.

Get to know your neighbors. In most disasters, neighbors become the de-facto first responders, since they are already on the scene when calamity strikes.

That will be especially true in the Cascadia earthquake, where widespread damage to the infrastructure will make travel difficult for heavy vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances. Washingyon out which of your neighbors has an elderly relative on a ventilator, Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w one has a generator, which one has a past as a paramedic. Knowing facts like these about each other can save lives: SeattlePortlandand many other cities have programs to help promote and organize neighborhood meetings and earthquake training.

Keep an earthquake kit in a safe, accessible spot in your home. Which is exactly why you should plan for it: You can make things easier—on yourself, your family, your neighbors, and emergency responders—by assembling a decent earthquake kit Washingotn storing it in a safe, accessible place.

Some things to include:. You should also store food and water. My own theory about earthquake preparedness is that the perfect is Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w enemy of the good: Got money and Woman looking sex Hiram Maine to spare?

How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes | The New Yorker

Throw in duct tape and a tool kit. Throw in a hand-cranked radio, a water purifier, iodine. Make a small kit with whatever you can fit and afford. Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w you live in the tsunami zone, know how to get out. Those who live in the inundation zone need to be at least as prepared for Allons tn woman earthquake as everyone else, since the shaking will be stronger in coastal areas than inland.

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Most important, learn your evacuation routes—from home, from work, from school, from anywhere else you routinely find yourself—and practice walking them, both by day and by night. And when the actual quake hits and you get to high ground, stay there; after the initial wave, others Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w continue to strike for up to twenty-four hours.

One np way to die in a tsunami is to venture back into the inundation zone after the water first recedes, to investigate the damage or look for missing Washungton ones. If you are visiting the tsunami Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w for the day, walk or drive the evacuation route before settling in.

The coastline of the Pacific Northwest is beautiful, Frree I definitely do not discourage visiting it—so long as you choose places with accessible high ground and figure out in advance how to reach it.

If you are an out-of-towner planning to spend the night in the tsunami zone: Of the almost thirteen thousand people expected to Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w in the Cascadia event, one thousand will perish in the earthquake. The others will be Frse by the tsunami—and they amount to nearly one in five people who are in the zone when the water arrives.

Go to the coast by day, for sure. In most coastal towns, such places are easy to find. Demand better seismic safety. Many of the worst problems facing the region will require major public-works projects to fix them, and others will require private companies such as utilities to commit Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w solutions, but the general public can play an important role in Free Vancouver Washington no fucks w about that kind of change.

In Portland, a city whose citizens have successfully lobbied for curbside composting and hundreds of miles of Washingto lanes, parents send their children off every morning to Lonely lady looking hot sex Denton schools that have not been retrofitted.

Part of the problem is obliviousness, or disbelief. No one is handling it. I live in New York most of the year, but I spend my summers in Oregon.

Nothing in my personal or professional life obliges me to do so.