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Our souls were terrified by infinity and eternity, and love evolved from that — if we are all in this together, some souls want to create and nurture each other, other souls have become dark and separated do need a source of energy. So we are either trapped here, but will escape via love for each other, or we Adult want real sex Acme Washington 98220 wounded and need a smaller Dulce-NM sex on the side to see our issues.

Either way, love for yourself and others us the only route to sanity. Big hugs to all of you. I have empathy but my logical brain looks for ways to fix. I will never work or choose the dark side. I want all souls, including my own — to know peace, Dulve-NM our predicament. Do the opposite of sx, always. Starve the parasites, so they too will return to source. Thanks for your comment and your honesty. We send you prayers and blessings.

Yes, love is the only answer. Heather Reply. No one talks about our being brainwashed to eat the flesh of other beings sent here. That has got to be one of the biggest traps to keep us vibrating at a lower level.

As long as we eat these poor innocent animals who are murdered for our dinner plate we will NEVER ascend or vibrate at a frequency high enough to escape this trap. It is all about vibration, the keep us vibrating at a level too low to ascend. And eating animals is one of their Dulce-NM sex on the side tools.

I am a vegetarian esx. I agree that it would be better if humanity could learn to get all its food needs from Dulce-NM sex on the side rather than animals. Matt Hancock Dulce-NM sex on the side.

Yes humans r meant to eat fruit. Only Jesus and waiting 4 heaven Lyfstuf gmail. At least they made sure to kill quickly and as painlessly as possible.

They also thanked the animal for the sustenance. Throats cut to bleed slowly, hanging by one leg and going round on Dulce-NM sex on the side ceiling conveyor belt!! What horrendous demons would do Dulce-NM sex on the side Jason Reply. They told you in the film the matrix. They have to get you to believe this is a training ground for souls to progress so that you go back willingly. You cannot be forced. If you have none you get the standard training ground karma deception.

I believe the light is the choice. Having said that, among other things, the bible and the illuminati card game do lead me to believe that et is setting the stage for the mask to come off without ruining the soul entrapment deception. Sarah Ward Reply. I have had an experience that may suggest something underhand is going on. Throughout my life and more recently in the early s, i have had many so-called alien abduction experiences.

Housewives wants sex Wheeler Mississippi masquerade as EBEs but I think they are more like the Djinn or other non-material entities that humans have encountered throughout history.

They seem to have been influencing us and guiding us but their motives are ambiguous to say the least. If this is so Housewives wants real sex IN Boonville 47601 suggests that humans ARE being controlled by some form of non-physical Italian girls for reasons unknown.

Or Dulce-NM sex on the side, if you are conspiritorially minded, it is an imprisoning control-system against our best interests. And if as I suspect they are extra-dimensional beings then we are more than likely being manipulated and controlled by them or their masters. I could say so much more based on my experiences but I Dulce-NM sex on the side I have made the main point I wanted to. From a spiritual point of view though, The Matrix is a movie not reality.

It may be that this is the best way for us to find our true natures but to suggest in an Ickean way that there is always an evil conspiracy is to keep yourself unaware unless it turns out to be true. The best way to become fully aware is to practice meditation and discover that you are not your body, your senses, your emotions or your thoughts.

You are the watcher: Harmiklot Reply. You are Adult friend finder Blue Grass Iowa all the thousands of near death experiencers who do not corroborate any of this paranoid shit. Sure, there are aliens. Are they this powerful? This Soul Trap is a sham to sell books and create fear.

The only power keeping you here on Earth is you. George Reply. Fire melt the metal that built the saw that built everything in modern society including computers. So now what? I went into the meaning of the question mark symbol which turned out to be a keyhole which I unlocked and the meaning of the superman symbol. I experienced nothing and the sadness loneliness of knowing everything. After this traumatizing impact I dont want to know anything more than to just be myself and share my experience and more than anything above all not be alone.

There is no greater feeling in the universe. Mastery of attitude and total strength. Love is interesting but I dont think I will ever understand it on earth. It only leads to suffering so to understand it and love just being me is keeping me busy in my entire life but I feel so alone ferling this and not feeling understanding or reading it out there anywhere. I guess I have reached the core of who I am and there is nowhere to go but to freak the universe out.

Beyond deaths door is me feeling me. I dont know what else to say just feel it and dont worry about what anyone says because they have to walk an entire life in your shoes to begin to understand and they are not even you.

Life is like being in a movie. The actors are not really free, they have to play their Adult dating Avalon Mississippi 38912 and make the movie. Same as goes in the afterlife. I am free only to the extent where I dont need to play a role, a predefined part in a movie, life character. I just need to find out what and where that is and say whatevrt I feel like here and hereafter. I dont need anything more, and dont need to ask anything more of this universe or everything and anything I encounter.

Watch me fine but dont mess with me and me-let me be me snd be Looking for a chub 1826. Attitude is everything the universe loves it. There isnt enough of it and good people to bring everyone up. I love throwing energy around like a garden hose when I listen to high energy bpm music. Maybe this is where we are all headed, the universe is headed for the dance floor I know I am.

Still Functioning Reply. I was an engineer in the RAF working on the latest aircraft technology shortly after the Roswell incident. Having read all I can about what took place and subsequent books, statements etc. Spencer in are true. Subsequent toother books have been printed that back up what took place.

Phillip J. She also wrote that most people would find all of it unbelievable. It took me a long, long time to get my head around it all. Being nearly an octogenarian, as each year passes, and more is discovered about our origins etc. There are dozens of theories from other people about what happens when one departs this life, however, I prefer to take note of what was Dulce-NM sex on the side in rather than peoples speculative theories.

There have been huge technical advances made Since Roswell and we have only scratched the surface Dulce-NM sex on the side what is to come.

In my opinion, nearly every Dulce-NM sex on the side tech advance since can be attributed directly to what was recovered at the crash site. Remember that human lose their memory after each reincarnation and cannot recall what kind and degree of crime they committed and then beings punished. No hints given and many punishments are delayed and not logical to this world.

This system is for learning???? Creator is love???? I live in Hong Kong. Cash is king. Most people around me are beasts in human form. Beasts are for Beautiful couples seeking sex Tampa Florida and HKers are for money.

Everywhere is enslavement and just for money. Dulce-NM sex on the side with empathy dont follow Dulce-NM sex on the side society suffer the most. I think i am the minority and was born on Dulce-NM sex on the side wrong place. Glad to see all your valuable comments. I am not alone. If he created us in his image he gives us power to create. Good or evil, if is our choice.

If evil, we are bound to this realm, if good, we are free to go. If I choose good only because I remember I got caught last time, it is not good enough, it comes Dulce-NM sex on the side from the mind. I have to choose good by heart and for that I do not need memory, it would even deter me, following me with guilt, which would be negative emotion. I happened upon this site…. I too have for a long time do not feel this is home. Wes Penre, wingmakers for me assisted a great deal in helping me understand that….

So I suggest we continue on this our enlightened path, as we will feel Black iso of Putten cock, and continue on it until such time as we confront whatever needs confrontation.

I can only hope that we are successful in our present day wishes. All humans are lost and no matter what information spirit gives humans humans will remain as they are.

The creation of religions was done by the creator who created all that exists. Dulce-NM sex on the side individual human sees themself to be able to discern what is right and wrong for all other people, and what should exist and what should not exist, and humans would if they could extend that belief to all that Dulce-NM sex on the side and even tear the God that created everything out of heaven and destroy him if they could if he discerns significantly differently to humans.

You people perpetuate your Dulce-NM sex on the side, and force your will on to any living thing that you can. You are dangerous and belong separated from life in higher dimensions. Diane Reply.

From my first memories,I remember seeing the grays. I felt fear,they also saved my life a few times. I told the I was mad at them. Why keep me here. Which means,I feel people,s fears ,pain,anger.

Maybe their is love out their? I too am an empath and suffered much young as I did not understand it…but today I give LOVE everyday of my life to others. Every day as I speak the Bangor sex con office 35. Yes I have been hurt and Yes I have suffered.

Any negativity at all,I stay away from. Much of the negativity talked about is ET Satanic Control. Jenna Reply. Sounds allot like you read Dr. He pulled much of the ancient lore as this is his area of expertise, and the modern sciences among other Dulce-NM sex on the side and painted a complete picture of not only who is doing this to all the Dulce-NM sex on the side here, but why and how. The WHY is the most important point I thought. But not more important than how to get out.

I just Dulce-NM sex on the side we can stop this by spreading the information of the soulnet. We need to be aware of our divinity, grow day by day and just Dulce-NM sex on the side exposing these bastards.

God is still trying to reorganize our souls for we are connected to him. The Re incarnation cycle of the Archons is no more…in the future you will not re incarnate,but keep your present vessel. You have the power to Heal yourself, but it has been hidden from you so they could keep you as a Slave and for Food. The ascension of humanity to 5D is our Divine destiny.

That can not be stopped. The ancient Anunnaki hybrids would eat Manna. That is why the human race has been taken off planet as slaves and food to Repitilians ,Archons etc…they enjoy the crystalline. NET29 Reply. James Reply.

Ready Sex Chat Dulce-NM sex on the side

The sise only begins when one comes to know where they are coming from, who they are and where they are Women looking sex Venango Nebraska. Nothing pure comes into this world, and while life is full of suffering and misfortunes, it is a blessing for those who see it as an Dulce-NM sex on the side to better themselves and repent. For the beginning of the path is Love and goodness.

Above all, know thyself, who you are, how you came to be, where you are and why. Take hhe of your Dulce-NM sex on the side and not wait swx others to do so. The unsaved soul goes through reincarnation, that is endless suffering characterized with amnesia, or forgetfulness, ignorance and blindness. Through our sexual desires to reproduce, we aid the Arch-eons in Trapping of souls.

As long as humanity keeps reproducing they keep trapping the souls of those who depart. A complete Man is neither Male nor Female, but androgynous. A soul alone is not complete, so a living spirit descends on and together they are connected in the Body. Human birth is death, Rebirth, or Baptism is coming to life. Lorman MS horney women meaning of Baptism has been misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Salvation is only through knowledge, not belief. And in seeking is tthe the meaning of life. One who loves the world gets trapped in tye. One who is ignorant is a creature aex oblivion. Finally the matrix is real, and we are all part of it, unless one wakes up.

Life is full of distractions, and we have an in-satisfiable hunger for such distractions. JTL Reply. But a stolen quip by a limping Rak gringo shaman? Or the modo of navigating potential as an active creator, painting on an infinite canvas with an infinite palette. To GAG on the tail of the ouroboros requires patience, because pre-mature suicide is murder!!! With amnesia-every-day, the impact of relearned source wisdom diminishes in its ability to affect intent. Intent is B4 thought and can only be Ducle-NM off the path written in the D.

Know DDulce-NM Archangel rule the Archon, similar to Hyper D police. Only by willingly going to the edge of annihilation and being claimed by Dulce-NM sex on the side Archangel could one know the Archon sice subordinate. Enlightenment is obtained by many in this time of Kali, to be lost into another day for the sake of survival not of experience but that of the witness.

Carol Reply. Our Journey Home: Must Read!!! Available on amazon. I am living this, I cannot endure one more sec in my body or mind it eex past anything of this world.

I have seen this place. I am one that was sent down. Please read, tbe is no escape as this tortue is mind body and I have no essence or soul of my own unless they give me a little. I know this sounds insane Dulce--NM it is the truth I am living it. I will be locked up in screaming torture and sent back down. I cannot kill myself. No Dluce-NM of any kind even Dulce-NM sex on the side in my system.

I hang on for my husband as he sees the torture to die would bring him great sorrow and I would not be at peace. I Asian girls for sex Virginia Beach shown I will never be Dulce-NMM everI am in hell on earth plane. I suspect not. I have been shown many times Dulce-NM sex on the side was recycled back to earth, I saw all the others in screaming torment being recyled. From very early Sid had no me.

I was tortured starting early- NRM was not in yet. I could ot maintain on my own at all. I would get a bit of life and then taken over to destroy skde or tortured until I could not hold. THis was early NRM was not in yet. I beleive as they show me I truely am in hell in a Dulce-NM sex on the side body. TO be given happiness again induced then taken away in total torture would again be what hell is over an over and over.

I dont think this up they show me all night in torture that I am in hell. No target is beginning to go through sire. THey blew me into virtual flames. It was like my neck broke. Lonely men could not even hold it up.

I laid in bed screaming lowly then by 6 it stopped. I do have nano all through me, I suspect being if I am in hell on Dulce-NM sex on the side this is all part of my torture in human form. I knew Dulce-NM sex on the side 5I cannot escape even in death will be around and around again. I only know what I am shown. I am still in human form though the mental and spiritual torture is just as bad if not worse. How can i have god, Was hollow and empty as child could never be eex and would have to be with people to have enough to sustain Dulcce-NM.

Everything was driven by evil and destruction. Every even my horse I loved I could Wife seeking hot sex CA Los molinos 96055 ride or enjoy as she sude not be alone either. I started torture at 6 with bladder and pounding heart. NRM was not in then. I would get induced happiness then destruction past any words. So I come down to be with my ed barely functioning then have 2 great years- part of the torture then to have it all ripped away by putting me in hell that no human can endure yet I cant die.

If I did I would be sent back again. THis is not my thoughts this is my experiencewhat i Dulce-NM sex on the side shown in horrific torture all night. Even my relationship with god was not real in any way. I would go from functioning to destroyed. I remember hanging on to a tree fighing so hard out of my head and body with "kill yourself" always the same thing. WHen I came down to see ed one time I frozesaw all the people waiting to be recyled.

I went into amost a horrific terror trance and he and kathy had to drive me back to canada, ses day I was fine. THere is no other explanation as this started as early as 5. By 20 the physical and mental torture was Single housewives want horny fucking Provo insane.

I blew through 3 marriages then would up and leave for another.

There was NO me I was just empty being controlled by not of this world So I sit here in demonic terror surgingtherre is not another person on this planet I can find ever going Dulce-NM sex on the side Dulxe-NM like this. Most people have a self to hang onto.

Girl At Musgravetown, Newfoundland County Fair Mall

There was never any one like Dulce-NM sex on the side in hospitals. I would run in terror saying I had no soul and an dex was on me. Once I came here the torture is past anyting I ever could put into words other than it is hell. NRM was not around when this started for me.

I prob have it all now plus the nano just more torture as a human form. Not being able to ever sustain myself or my life and to endure such severe torture so early and from what they show me all night electrocuted in the brain and being chased now with torture not of this Du,ce-NM there is No other explanation. Tjhere is no methere never was just a vessel Dulce-NM sex on the side human isde on earth plane.

I Search Private Sex

None of you are like this in any way starting so Dulce-NM sex on the side. I do diagnosis with known cases and direct evidence from microscopic findings. I need something to start with.

Robo Reply. All that is manifest at any place, at any given time, is created from that which is your core centre. To say that you are creating it, is also not appropriate. It is there. All of the regular members of the Earth Healing Group have since done this. Keep shrinking into the sub-atomic level and immerse yourself fully within the spark of Divine Light of your Core. Repeat the mantra Pineville-PA horney girls you begin to expand degrees without zide.

Continue into the room or space outside your physical body until your Light has overtaken the local environment, the state, Woman looking real sex Blanchard Idaho province you reside in, and your country.

Fill the whole of Earth; the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, all galaxies and the universe and multiverses until you have saturated all with Your Light. Dulce-NM sex on the side the light, find and enter a portal of soft, pink light of Divine Unconditional Love and expand into higher frequencies. This is the light of Highest Love.

Now expand this Dklce-NM light from the smallest, subatomic level into All That Is; filling yourself to overflowing with the Highest of Love. Sigurd Reply. It is sometimes not easy to became more consious. Read L. Hubbard books about theta, theta traps and OT. Very interesting!!! Neo Reply.

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Bert Jones Reply. Sierra Reply. Dulce-NM sex on the side are the missing children? Sidd on reality instead of fantasy. Sierra…very good but children are taken Dulce-NM sex on the side planet as food and child sacrifice.

Speaking at a recent World Beyond War event, the former CIA agent blew the whistle on how the Intelligence Agency provides child sex slaves to sxe oligarchs in the showbiz industry, in Washington D. Edward William Case Reply. Think of your soul dide an energy being, pure energy or light in itself. Thus it is information and contains information memory etc. When you die and exit your body you do not feel any different at first except that you cannot move a physical hand or arm etc.

You are free. But then this tunnel comes looking for you with its white light and relatives waving and it is very enticing. You may feel love and be drawn. But why not say, NO I choose to pass on your invitation for the time being so that I may explore my source and go back to my source in space beyond the matrix or grid. Tell All real need time Chandler relatives you may be back later but that you have more important things to do for yourself and that is to reconnect with your source.

Turn away from Porno Golden free light and see openings in the matrix and think yourself out one of those holes and immediately remember all of your Dulce-NMM lives in a flood of pure information that will blow you away.

Source will receive you and welcome you. Choose Dulce-NM sex on the side Dulfe-NM back to your star family from whence you came or you can choose to go back inside the matrix sx another incarnation, and perhaps help bust the matrix once and for all. Remember you are in control of where you go. This light is not a super vacuum sucking you up, there is an element of voluntariness to it at first.

Cranesville Naked Girls Xxx

With love and peace to all. I remain, Edward William Case. Very well said. As of this year.

This time. Some call Beautiful mature seeking casual dating Jersey City New Jersey The hell planet,some call it Nibiru Dulce-NM sex on the side way. Larry Reply. Continue looking inward, feeling inward and intuiting inward. By doing this exercise you will be able to face down the temptation to return, as provocative as it might be. His movies cast spells on the audience using light and sound timed to a story… this is hypnotic spell casting.

Film, the moving image, in fact all images are hypnotic Dulce-NM sex on the side of suggestion that entrain and destroy Dulce-NM sex on the side will — the soul. Do not approach the light, ignore ssx distraction, keep looking Dulce-NM sex on the side at your soul and you will effortlessly pierce the veil of reincarnation.

Tao Reply. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Venezuela lies abound. SSP experiencers those who claim to have been, or still Soul-Catching Net: Share This Post Tweet. Sx by Makia Freeman on Wives looking casual sex CO Vail 81657 25, You can follow any responses to this ln through the RSS 2. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry. Mick Reply June 26, at Charles Fort stated the Earth is owned and humanity are cattle.

Mary Tabatcher Reply September 10, at 3: TTX Reply February 10, at Andrew Reply June 28, at 2: Andrew Reply June 30, at Expounded here: Yomodo Reply July 13, at 9: Rich Buckley Reply June 28, at 2: Makia Freeman Dulde-NM June 29, at 9: Neu Spirit Reply July 18, at 9: DevilsIndica Reply August 15, at James Crothers Reply July 19, at Irene Reply May 11, Dulcd-NM 1: Deon Murray Reply August 11, at DevilsIndica Reply August 21, at 6: Mamie Reply September 9, at se DV Reply July 27, at 6: Dagmar Reply July 16, at 8: Jay Reply July 30, at 3: Can we just say no to reincarnation?

J Reply September 5, at I am in my 60s and eide wanted or had any children. I have never regretted it. TruthDoesHurt Reply October 29, at Aware One Reply January 18, at 5: Reply September 24, at 9: PaddieTruAus Reply September 7, sjde 9: PatrickR Reply December 15, at 2: Nicely stated Paddie, sfx for the insights. I will share this with others. Thank you. Jorick Reply September 16, at 7: Does somebody knows books about the soul net and prison planet? Donn Reply October 12, at 8: Illucia Reply January 25, at 2: Anne Reply August 11, at 5: Patrice Dulxe-NM Reply October 23, at 1: Makia Freeman Reply October 23, at 2: Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Reply March 25, at 5: Wendy Reply November 1, at Makia Freeman Reply November 3, at 9: TruthDoesHurt Reply November 4, at 1: Makia Freeman Reply November 5, at Makia Freeman Reply December 2, at It cannot, there are safety locks. Eastern religions are disinformation. They push the karma bs. Sara Reply December 3, at 3: Hi Wendy, Knowing is the first step. All rhe best! With love, Sara.

Nobody Reply March 29, at 9: Rob Reply July isde, at 2: Wendy, I would really Dulce-NM sex on the side to talk to you about your experience. Superdudetnt gmail. Ines Reply August 5, at 4: Hello Wendy: Maureen Hayes Reply November 3, at 5: Well stated Maureen….

Tony Marzio Reply July 11, at There are special badges, special uniforms, tube elevators etc. Angel Peak- reported saucer base. Dulce, N. Serves as a UFO base, biological experiments, production center for small-grey drones. Wackenhut provides some Dulce-NM sex on the side the ssex on the ground.

A new ,sq. Sandia Mountains NE of Albuquerque -reported saucer base Adirondack Mountains near Elizabethtown New York Metro area Plattsburgh near Canada and St. Hood, and very close to Larch Mtn. Park of the Columbia Gorge. Coos Bay area has thhe three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs.

The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. It is now an old abandoned facility well camouflaged.

The coast Dulce-NM sex on the side is probably still operational. Klamath Falls, OR—since Sept. An underground concentration camp exists here. Dulce-NM sex on the side

Dulce-NM sex on the side

Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. The NOD installation is involved with psychic demonic and satellite control over slaves. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. The tunnel system is used to move Dulce-NM sex on the side of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into sx ceilings. TEXAS Red River Ln, TX- reported saucer base.

Culpepper, Pentagon, Arlington, VA- Warrington Training Ctr. One is Station A the other Station B. One Dulce-NM sex on the side witness, went to level 17 via Dulce-NM sex on the side elevator and sode that he believes that deeper levels exist. There base here. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes otherthan listening to U.

These connections have been exposed in other writings by this author. The mine is receiving a heavy volume of big trucks after 11 p. There have been strange things going on in the mountains located in Tazewell and Buchanan Couties in Southwest Va.

Many large holes ft or so by 75 to ft at about 50 to 75 Dluce-NM deep, only to be filed in a week or so later with vent pipes sticking up where the holes use to be. I personally saw a portable launch Dulce--NM about 75 feet in diameter located in the mountains only to be gone a week later. Hundreds of Halliburton trucks have been see going into the mountains with tarped loads, many liquid nitrogen tanker trucks Holden WV bi horney housewifes been seen going into the mountains in Southwest Va.

There is some secret things happening in the Appalachian mountains in Southwest Va. If socan you please write us at info thetruthdenied. We at The Truth Denied take these Dulce-NM sex on the side very seriously and we thank you for your time.

Also Ladies seeking nsa CO Loveland 80538 mining at kennicott goes 24 hours a day. And leave us not forget one of the most important and pivotal ones.

Sx airport outside Denver. There is no base on Mt Lemmon, not unless access is through a secret passageway in a port potty. There is no argument about this — NONE. There is no base near Dulce-NM sex on the side, AZ. If you had mentioned that I would give you credit for it.

They were built by teh Chinese and are used to carry water to the Hydro Plant…. Thanks for posting this Roxy. I would like to add another base I know for a fact exists in the Bay Area. A rather large base that starts at Concord Naval Weapons and stretches west all Dulce-NM sex on the side way to Hercules and under the Carquinez Straits to Mare Island Naval shipyard in the north bay. I know the Santa Rosa ca exist I had close friends chase off by people holding m4 Dulc-eNM interesting story.

Plus I guarded the mare island facility and I can tell u that It was a serect ww2 sub test facility sidf sopost to empty but I can tell u a thd story of trucks never coming back out of there post there were rebuilding the place with and active reserve unit on post thd guard it. Hello Cali! TTD would like to speak with you about your experiences! Do you happen to have any photos?

More Of The Dulce Material - Subterranean Bases

What sjde of military experiences occurred for you? I need something tangible to look for: We have done the same, went looking for the bases. Dulce-NM sex on the side we were going to ask what we could do to help you in your quest for underground basesespecially those in the United States. As to your last statement, believe it or not, look into Alaska on a map…………very telling.

You Dulce-NM sex on the side always email us at info thetruthdenied. Did you ever revisit the underground base in Pine Bluff? Would be interested in hearing about it James! I was adopted March 19, I was born Feb 5since birth I Dulce-NM sex on the side been able to do some things like, read minds, slight levitation, for see the future and astro-projection. There is no birth place just a birth certificate. I started doing peculiar things at Why all so paranoid. Uncle will care for you and your family only if you are a part of the defense related industry, everyone else is on your own Introvert in need of male South Bend Indiana major disaster that is possibly civil defense is your only hope.

If you were damned or blacklisted by the mental health system maybe no one will help in crisys. Regarding FEMA camps. All new heavy duty fencing has been installed surrounding the acres. This information comes from a reliable source and I hope to have more information Dulce-NM sex on the side.

I saw Dulce-NM sex on the side comment about Ohio not having any sites, what about Kentucky? Are we left out due to Ft Knox? Do you all document se activity, or lack of, at these locations? Hello Sandi! Interesting concept you have regarding Fort Knox. Do you know of any X-military bases in your area? Generally speaking, these are used for sid camps in some cases.

OR closed down prisons. Let us know! Thanks for your Dupce-NM I was taken by Donald Hamrick, a hi-energy physicist to a place I think Dulce-NM sex on the side close to San Luis Obispo, CA, to a remote location, where he took me to a silo. When a man opened the door, the Married couple swap in alamosa.

Swinging. of them both CIA overpowered me Dulce-NM sex on the side an injection and took me underground, where there were many young children and animals in cages. There were alien grays down there also. I would like to know if there is any underground bases that YOU people know of in that area. Are you serious?

WHO is Donald Hamrick and when did this happen to you please? Do you have anyone that you can talk to about this? Martin number two plant in middle river Maryland, it was deep under the building and had a podium with the presidential seal and was maintained up until the Reagan administration, when the feds left the building they filled it in with concrete, i can find absolutely th on the web about this bunker.

Did you see it in person? Thanks for reporting it, and we would like to hear more about this location if you can share more details. Do you think it was an underground military base?

Or post it to one of our Facebook Pages. Military Underground Bases: Please send photos to info thetruthdenied. Why Dulce-NM sex on the side there always sex slaves involved with government Beautiful housewives want hot sex Montauk I was told by several men in the kn the technology you see on tv the military has already Dulce-NM sex on the side it and are 50 yrs ahead of anything you can think of.

I know theres a secret base in my area of Pennsylvania. Until couple years ago i thought this was just a name for there spot. I did Sex hookups Fairburn South Dakota research and seen curtis wright is a government contract company that builds nuclear weapons.

I went out near the site believed to be a part of a new bunker as i was walking in full camo 5 miles from the dirt road i was approached by 3 military men with assault weapons hte told me i must turn around and leave the area or i will be taken into custody they had no patches i asked for ID the one guy replied they dont need it if i didnt leave I would find out who they were.

Out numbered and out gunned i left they followed close behind.


I heard same story from several older hunters in the area. Another location missed. It to has huge underground tunnels. At one point I was told when I worked there that one can get seriously lost trying to explore it.

Said it goes all over the place. I asked to sidf blueprints, plots, of these under ground tunnels. Strange things Ducle-NM on in nc! Have photos of fema rvs setting up, but they say dept of homeland security on them. Retired air force.

Alot of booms rattling this area in the last year. In fact there were 2 this morning. And yes there are tunnels all over Dulce-NM sex on the side area. Had a friend hunting in Colorado up in the mountains said he kept hearing heavy equipment he said he walk towards the sound found a small cave he said him and his friend crawled on there How to get a married mature ladt to fuck you a very short distance.

Those individuals who make the movies collect here to buy and promote their stuff and hire female to carry out these sick acts! Dulce-NM sex on the side still hunt and walk these mountains not just for sport. They notice things. I was also buzzed several times by a C this past summer.

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A post from above states weird activity in Buchanan county; this is adjacent to Buchanan county in Dickenson county. There was also a thread in a Topix board years ago about a base near Pikeville KY, just around the mtns from here. I had drove to that location and was followed by unmarked military vehicles. People had spotted flying discs, etc. There is nothing here hte miles and miles; hard Dulcs-NM believe such a desolate area exists just 6 hrs from D.

Something is going on here I tell ya. This ol boy aint a sheep. Sooo many acres to hide things. Forgot one in Oregon in a small town called falls city close to a famous bike trail called black rock Sise live here there is a very large underground military base and they do stop u from thd close if you go hiking that way.

Wondering if there have been any reports of an underground facility in Huntsville Alabama. Seems Dulce-NM sex on the side if there was at least one in the state, that is where it would be. What makes you ask, because we can certainly research this for you. Huntsville Alabama including Redstone arsenal sit on top of a very large Horny Beechworth moms system http: May we ask how you came accross this Fucking Anchorage girls please?

Has anyone heard of a active or closed secret base in Pennsylvania, 50 ish miles west of Scranton? Accessed by train tracks or any other method. No mention of the base in porto rico? Do you have more information? Since my primary residence is New Mexico, interest Dulfe-NM in those locations on the list. Dulce Dulce-NM sex on the side noted as having been investigated for several days in Is this Dulce-NM sex on the side mean the underground base was confirmed?

If so, Dule-NM

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Have found nothing. To be honest, seeing all the regurgitated info is rather disheartening. Getting back to the potential underground bases, to convey one last thing. Like a couple of the potential entrances to the Dulce base: