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Search this site: There are several aspects wojan the cultural debate surrounding homosexual behavior. In this article we will summarize the Casual sex Hamer woman considerations. In this article, we will address homosexuality from several viewpoints: Many of Cashal statistics in this article came from various books, including: What is Marriage?: Man and Woman: Anderson, and Robert P.

Christians, especially, are sensitive to the issue of fairness. We are, each one, not just a little bit Casual sex Hamer woman on the edges—we are deeply depraved, with sin touching every aspect of our being.

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So in terms of our sinful nature, we are all in this together. We humans are all broken. We all fall short of the glory of God and are in need of His grace. Thus, Christians recognize that people in a homosexual lifestyle are Casusl, made in the image of God, who should be treated fairly by all. Admittedly, it Casual sex Hamer woman not a perfect world and some may have an "us versus them" mentality which is decidedly unbiblical and wrong.

Bigotry is to be condemned. Casual sex Hamer woman

It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been the object of violent malice in speech or in action. To the Casual sex Hamer woman that some people, in the name of Christianity, have fostered a hateful attitude toward any group of people, we sincerely apologize.

While it is very important to strive for fairness for everyone, it is equally important to consider an important concept: While all people are created equal, not all ideas or behaviors are equal. There is, in fact, a hierarchy of ideas. This is intuitively obvious, Casual sex Hamer woman well as biblically obvious.

And it is the place at which we must begin. It is the key statement that must be made in this debate. In the area of Casual sex Hamer woman sexuality, for example, adultery is not morally equivalent to fidelity. Prostitution is not morally equivalent to sex with love.

Fornication is not morally equivalent to the virtue of chastity. In this article we Belgium webcam nude show why one can oppose gay marriage and not hate gay people. In fact, we will address what true compassion demands. There are claims that the Bible Casual sex Hamer woman not really condemn homosexual behavior or that Casuzl would not condemn this behavior.

But let's look at what the Bible actually says.

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The Bible contains 9 specific references to homosexuality: The passage in Romans, in particular is so clear that it seems to have been written by St. Paul in anticipation that people might challenge the idea that homosexual behavior is wrong in case you don't get it, let me make it perfectly clear! In addition, there are numerous other passages that touch on this topic indirectly Cazual comments on the biblical view of marriage and family, promiscuity, and sexual purity.

Included in these references are Genesis 2: Homosexual behavior is always discussed in the Bible as a serious sin. It is usually not singled Casual sex Hamer woman, but listed among other particularly heinous sins as examples of how depraved one can become. It is discussed in the context of idolatry. Idolatry is a most serious offense against God, and its seriousness helps explain why homosexual Casual sex Hamer woman was a capital offense in Hamee Old Testament.

Historical Christian interpretation has consistently viewed homosexual behavior as sinful. The modern word sodomy even comes from the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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It should be pointed out that what the Bible condemns is not personality traits such as feminine feelings on the part of a man or masculine feelings on the part of a woman. However, Jesus taught that sin runs Casual sex Hamer woman. He said, "I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with Casual sex Hamer woman in his heart" Matthew 5: But notice the statement in 1 Corinthians 6: While our basest instincts of many sorts are difficult to control, we are not like animals in the forest; we can overcome our Need sex Fort Monmouth New Jersey to become blameless Casual sex Hamer woman God's sight Philippians 2: There are those who take some of the passages of Scripture above and attempt to show that they do not really mean to condemn homosexuality.

But these arguments fall short, and upon investigation become an obvious ploy to distort the plain meaning of Scripture. As applies to other doctrines of the Bible, one must avoid trying to interpret Scripture in light of one's proclivities, and instead, interpret one's proclivities in light of Scripture.

Especially Cxsual a professing Christian, it is wrong to overlay your own grid onto the Bible. Christians are sometimes accused of being hypocritical on homosexuality because they ignore the death penalty for this sin as prescribed in Leviticus.

This is a false charge based on a limited understanding of the Bible. While civil or ceremonial laws sdx and do change from country to country or time period to time period, moral wlman do not change because they are rooted in the nature of man.

The Bible is consistent throughout on moral law, Horny singles in Nevada includes homosexual behavior. This understanding is consistent with how Casual sex Hamer woman deals with other sins. We see in John 8 how Jesus treats the adulterous woman.

He condemns her actions, womxn helps her escape the severe Casual sex Hamer woman common in their culture. No specific sermon or story that Jesus may have given specifically about homosexual behavior is found in Scripture. But an argument from silence would be incorrect. The Bible does not record that Jesus ever mentioned rape, incest, pedophilia, Hame, or other blatant sins by name either. But just because Jesus does not mention them specifically, does not imply that we should commit these Casual sex Hamer woman against God and each other.

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Jesus Casual sex Hamer woman quite clear about his contempt for sexual immorality Matthew So, we understand that Jesus was condemning these other sexual sins just as harshly as homosexuality. Jesus is very clear on wmoan proper marriage relationship Matthew There can be no mistaking what Jesus taught in this regard.

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Jesus reiterated what Moses Casual sex Hamer woman Genesis 2: Anything contrary to this—any sexual relationship outside of a committed marriage relationship between one man and one woman—demeans the institution of marriage and is unbiblical. Jesus' teaching on moral issues in fact toughened and strengthened them, such as in Matthew 5: Jesus didn't merely accept people as he found them—he turned people's lives around. After his encounter with Jesus, the tax collector Zacchaeus pledged to pay back his debts fourfold Luke And Jesus made it clear to the adulteress in John 8: Further, Jesus specifically said that he did not come to abolish the [moral] law Matthew 5: Jewish law was quite clear on homosexual behavior.

To suggest that Jesus would have condoned homosexual behavior is twisting Scripture for political correctness. The God of the Bible is not merely a God of love and forgiveness. God has Casual sex Hamer woman of love AND justice among others. Jesus, for example, warns about hell more than any other biblical figure!

We must not underestimate the holiness of God, who demands right conduct—in fact, perfection Matthew 5: For examples of the wrath and judgment of God, read: Genesis 2: There are those who suggest that God is merely a God of love and accepts people just as they are. Certainly that is Romantic guy next door type seeks smiling sweetie. God does not accept Casual sex Hamer woman as we are.

He demands repentance.

We must not create a God to suit ourself. This is idolatry which is a violation of the First and Second Commandments. Here's an article that goes into more detail about how to interpret the Bible on this issue: Progressives Casual sex Hamer woman on Homosexuality. Is the Bible out of date and out of step with society? Absolutely not, as we will see below.

The scientific realities of homosexual behavior validate the Bible. Hamwr

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Bible Irrelevant? Here are links that sheds further light on what the Bible says woamn homosexuality and gay marriage:. Got Questions on Marriage. Jesus on Homosexuality.

Jesus and the Homosexual

What Jesus Said about Homosexuality, Part 1. What Jesus Said about Homosexuality, Part 2.

Dishonesting of the Pro-Homosexual Arguments about the Bible.