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Alrighty then, back to business. My partner and I have decided to create this website for anyone out there who knows their destiny: WEIRDNESS. Anyways, here’s some background info about ourselves.

I am the Einstein behind this program, so therefore I am called Einstein. I am 10000000 years old, and I live somewhere on earth. I like nutellla,(Seriously, you guys, you can’t ever go wrong with this amazing, lusciously delicious food. Yes, it counts as a food, not a condiment). I also happen to have an obsession with Into the Woods. #therearegiantsinthesky

this is me:       images   yup, perty awesome (and weird) right?

Anyways, I also like sleeping. Now I’ll hand it off to my comrade.


I am the partner of Einstein, and although mentioned in the above paragraph, she is not the brains behind this program. We both are. She just likes to think that she is. She is weird that way. However, I am Sonono, and I also live somewhere on earth. I looooooooooooooooooooove cats. (Especially ones named Fitz.)

Here is a pic of me: cute_little_cartoon_girl_standing_on_books_with_pencil_in_hand_education_concept_stock_photo









LOL just kidding. This is the real me:stock-illustration-21898356-woman-reading-books

Obviously, I LOVE to read. And bake, and dance, and lots of things. But most of all, I love to be WEIRD. Toodle oo!


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  1. Hillo guyz I am obsessed with this site mostly because the Einstein and her/his partner are like my two best friends, but also we like too many of the same things. Seriously Sonono. btw Sophitz. Sorry I had to.

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