Hey guys! So, we wanted to do something kinda “involving,” so we are having a mini contestish thing. Well, two, actually.

  1. The first one is this: Comment a writing prompt, and we’ll choose one each month and my partner and I will collaboratively write a story inspired by your prompt, then post it on the first day of the next month. (With a special dedication to you, of course. 🙂 )
  2. The second one is: You and one (or more) of your friends write a story together, (btw the weirder the better. 😀 ) and we’ll choose one each month to post. (Again, all rights to you. )

So far, we don’t have a way to send out “prizes” other than publicity, but we’re hoping to do a book giveaway soon, and maybe more contests *with* prizes after that.

Have a good week! 😀

-Sonora Mae

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  1. You should do a Brason fanfiction. Hehe

    One day Jason was fighting a battle when a brick flew at his head, she was so beautiful. The sun glinting off her red stained clay. I love her were Jason’s last thoughts before the brick hit his head and he was knocked out. He woke up in camp half-blood the next morning. He was panicking because…

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