MMGM: Searching For Sky


Okay, first of all cover=soooooooo pretty. Then comes the description:

Sky and River had lived on Island for as long as they can remember. They hunt for food in Ocean, swim in Falls, and curl up at night in Shelter. Their life together in this beautiful world is simple and safe.

Until River sees a boat. . .

Across Ocean in a place called California, nothing makes sense to Sky. Separated from River and taken to live with a grandmother she doesn’t know, Sky wants desperately to find River and return to Island. But when Sky learns that their paradise wasn’t as perfect as she thought, and everything she has ever known and loved may have been a lie, she realizes that her search for the truth is just beginning.

In this gripping story of love and survival, readers will be swept away by Sky’s remarkable journey through a hostile world: ours.

In a word… It’s intriguing. I found this one day in my teacher’s library when I was having a hard time getting into a book, and with this one, I instantly fell in love. Full of crazy plot twists and heart wrenching moments,even though I normally don’t like sad books, this one is too full of hope to ignore.

Sky has a crazy hard time adapting to our world, and understandably. Her word on Island was so much easier, so much simpler. In California, everything is new, and everyone has something (or multiple somethings) that they’re trying to hide. It makes you think about the complications of our world, the disadvantages… but also the benefits.

Searching for Sky is all about that– Searching. For answers, for hope, for people. I hope this week, we will all find something we’ve been searching for. Until next week!

-Sonora Mae

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