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Hey! So, this week, I am reviewing an awesome book called Book Scavenger. In it, there is a girl named Emily, who lives a crazy life. Her parents have a dream of owning “50 Homes in 50 States.” Needless to say, Emily moves a lot. The one constant in her life is an online game called Book Scavenger, where people hide books with a tracking code inside, and leave clues to find them on Then, other Scavengers can find their hidden books, and earn points.

Emily’s families’ next destination is San Francisco, California- which happens to be the home of the creator of Book Scavenger. Naturally, Emily is super excited. However, right before Emily arrives, the creator (Mr. Griswold) is attacked, and is sent to the hospital in a coma. Emily and her new friend James happen upon a strange book… that they soon discover is a piece of Griswold’s new game that he had been about to launch before he was attacked.

Emily and James go on a wild journey around San Francisco, searching for clues… but they’re not the only ones who want to find the answer to this mystery. And the others’ intentions might not be as good.

This book was really quick, and fun to read, and reminds me why I love to read. Plus, it has an amazing cover, and some cute family moments with Emily’s parents and older brother. Also, LOTS OF CODES/CIPHERS. (Which I love) Definitely recommend it for mystery loving folk– who would love a mystery that’s NOT super intense. Until next week!

-Sonora Mae

P.S. There is an actual website where you can hide/find books! Here’s the link:ΒΒ It’s super cool! πŸ˜€

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  1. I’m actually expecting a copy of this book in paperback, but it has not arrived yet. I love books with codes and ciphers as well. I think it’s cool Emily’s parents want to own “50 Homes in 50 States”. Thanks for reviewing!

    1. Actually, there is a website that does the same thing, but all over the world. It’s called book crossing, and it’s also really cool. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve seen this book all over the place but didn’t realize it was a mystery. I love mysteries! And so many other aspects sound intriguing as well. Thanks for featuring this!

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