MMGM: Tomorrow Girls


Hey guys! Quick MMGM today, since I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow on vacation over Spring Break, but here it is.

In the world of the tomorrow girls, America is at war with the Alliance… and things aren’t going so well for the U.S. Louisa’s parents send her off to Country Manor, an expensive boarding school intended to keep the children of those wealthy enough to pay the fee safe. With her comes Maddie, Louisa’s best friend who has been living with her since Maddie’s parents got drafted for the war. However, you’re not allowed to pay the fee for another person’s children, so Maddie and Louisa must pretend they are sisters.

Maddie and Louisa end up rooming with two other girls, Rosie and Evelyn. Rosie seems rather standoffish, and Evelyn has a conspiracy theory about everything. And… it’s true that things do seem slightly strange at Country Manor School. How they took the girls’ IDs, and their phones…how they can’t have ANY contact with home…

Still, Louisa really likes CMS. She can finally swim again, something she loves to do, but hasn’t done in forever, as all the water is polluted nowadays. She’s learning valuable life skills, about how to survive in the wild. And she’s getting pretty good at sharpshooting.

Then, one day, Louisa accidentally overhears their teachers talking about how Canada has fallen to the Alliance, and plotting to force the kids parents to pay ransoms for them… Louisa realizes that at least one of Evelyn’s theories are right. And they need to leave. NOW. 

This is a short, fast paced book that continues in 3 others, all narrated from a different one of the four girls’ POV. It has a surprisingly complex plot line for such a short book, and good descriptive writing. If you see this book at your local library, and need a book to read, try this one! See you next week! 🙂

Have a good Easter! 😀

-Sonora Mae

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying your Spring Break! This sounds interesting—there aren’t as many dystopian/war novels for middle-grade readers, and this one mixes it up with a boarding school story: sounds like a winning combo!

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