Hey guys! Look at this awesomeness:


I’m gonna make it into a blog button for our site, and it’s gonna be epic! Post it everywhere! Spread the word, please!

Also, I (Sonora Mae) am going to be starting up a new blog called maeballet. I love to dance, so I’ll be blogging about my dance experiences, plus (of course) posting book reviews, fanart, and in general just being my weird self. Hope you get a chance to check it out! 🙂

Update: Hey! So, I made it. It’s on the side of the page. (The right side) If you copy the text and paste it into either the sidebar or a post, it’ll show up as the image, and anyone who clicks on it will go instantly to my site!



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    1. Thanks! And, um, I used the instructions from a website called Code it Pretty. It’s actually pretty simple, just just have to be careful with some of the details. 🙂

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