MMGM: Finding Serendipity

Hey guys! The book I’m reviewing this week, Finding Serendipity, by Angelica Banks, will spark your imaginations, and the imaginations of writers all around the world. Tuesday McGillycuddy LOVES the books by “Serendipity Smith,” about a fearless half-elf named Vivienne Small… but what Tuesday has never told anyone is that Serendipity also happens to be Tuesday’s mother.

The last book in the famed Vivienne series is about to come out when suddenly, Serendipity goes missing! Tuesday KNOWS she has to find her mom, so the book can be finished and, well, so she can get her mom back. She and her beloved dog, Baxterr, sneak into her mother’s room, and when Tuesday sees her mother’s typewriter sitting on her desk, she begins to type a story. That’s when a very strange thing begins to happen; the words that Tuesday types turn silver, peel off the page, and wrap around her. And when she’s written enough, they pull her away, up, and out the window! She flies to a place called the Library, where all stories, finished or not, are kept. In her search for her mom, she visits the world of Vivienne Small… and kinda accidentally messes things up. So, now, she has even more things to deal with!

Join Tuesday and Baxterr in their crazy magical world, and maybe you’ll be inspired to become a writer… and fly off into a world all your own. 🙂

Until next week! 🙂

-Sonora Mae

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