MMGM: The Girl Who Could Not Dream


Hey guys! This week I’m featuring The Girl Who Could Not Dream, by Sarah Beth Durst. 12 year old Sophie has a strange life, as her parents own a secret dream shop. Publicly,  they own a bookstore, but whenever you buy a book you get a free dream catcher, and if you bring it back the next week, you can trade it in for a new one. Sophie’s parents then take the dreams caught in the dream catcher and distill them into liquid dreams. Dream buyers  can buy dreams, drink them, and have that dream.

Being surrounded by dreams, Sophie is pretty knowledgeable about them. However, Sophie has never had a dream of her own. When she was six, she stole a dream from her from her parents shop and drank it. Inside of her dream, she found Monster, and that’s when she discovered her strange talent: When Sophie dreams, she can bring things from the dream back into the real world with her. She dreams Monster to life, and he becomes her best friend.

Sophie’s job is to scout out people who have nightmares at her school and give them dream catchers, meaning they no longer have nightmares (as the dreams are caught in the dream catchers) and Sophie’s parents get more dreams to sell. One day, however, two of the people who Sophie has given dream catchers to disappear– and another one is attacked by a strange gray man who looks like.. well, like he came out of a dream.  Sophie goes home to find that their shop has been ransacked and her parents are missing.  She and the boy who was attacked decide to search for clues that lead them closer and closer to finding her parents, the missing children, and an answer to why Sophie cannot dream.

This book is colorful, imaginative and funny, with an interesting plot line, adorable characters, a dash of creepiness, and a heart warming ending.

Favorite Quote: “All her life, Sophie had been taught that books are precious. Each one holds people and worlds. Each one is a piece of someone’s heart and mind that they chose to share. They were shared dreams.”

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-Sonora Mae

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  1. I swear, every review of this book makes it sound completely different from all the other reviewers—and every review makes me want to read it even more. Such cool ideas! Must get my hands on it, but my library still doesn’t have a copy. ;(

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