MMGM: Ninja Librarians





12 year old Dorothea Barnes is awesome at fencing- but she wishes she could use it for real someday. One day, she gets her chance, when she stumbles upon the headquarters of a secret society of ninja librarians. And of that weren’t awesome enough, different wings of the library where many of the ninja librarians live lead to different places, and different times, going all the way back to when the written word was originally created. Their mission is to protect those whose words have gotten them in trouble, and Dorrie would LOVE to join them and serve as an apprentice with these peculiar librarians.

However, many librarians fear that Dorrie has secret intentions, and connections to the Foundation, an old enemy of library. The Library’s Director wishes to send Dorrie home immediately, and close the library’s door to the 21st century behind her. When a traitor arises from within the library, Dorrie is suspected, though innocent, and she must try to stave off suspicion whilst simultaneously continue to try to help the library to survive.. and she soon realizes that the only way to da that might be to leave the Library behind. Forever.

This is a fun read about  girl who LOVES to read, her brother, a ferret, and a whole lot of books. It’s creative, clever, funny, and has a good, if not super complex storyline that will compel you to follow it through till the end.

Happy Monday! Wish me luck on my math test! 😀

-Sonora Mae

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  1. I knew librarians were cool, but I didn’t know that they were ninja-cool! Thanks for the review and this one sounds like a great read. 🙂

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