MMGM: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing a VERY well known book. I considered doing something more obscure, since that’s always fun, but I love this book, and so here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Chamber of Secrets.


Harry knows he is a wizard, (This is the second book, for those who don’t know/remember) and at the end of last year at Hogwarts he defeated Voldemort for the first time, by defeating Professor Quirrel, whose turban had been housing Voldemort. (I know it’s confusing, read the book for more information 🙂 ) But the evil is not gone for good. When Harry starts to hear the sssssslithery whissspers of sssssnakes coming from the WALLS declaring imminent death and defeat, no one believes him. At first. However, when people begin to appear stunned (basically paralyzed) , or worse, dead, people put more thought into his opinion. Hermione, (one of Harry’s best friends) figures out the mystery.. right before being stunned herself. Harry finds a note clutched in her paralyzed fist that gives him his answer. There is a basilisk sliding around in the Hogwarts walls, and Harry can hear it because he is a Parseltounge, meaning that he can talk to snakes. It is a very rare ability.. and one of the only others who has it is Voldemort himself. This has only happened once before in Hogwarts history, and it means something awful. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened.

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome characters
  • Good length
  • Engaging plot line
  • Develops story/characters
  • Awesome example of foreshadowing for the next books


  • SCARY. Seriously, don’t read this when you’re in like 2nd-3rd grade, because I did, and the imagery may be good, but it can also be terrifying.
  • Not as long as the others
  • Not as much of Hermione, since she’s ya know, paralyzed halfway through

Overall Anaylsis

This is an awesome book. Of course, I mean J.K Rowling is kinda swag. This book was never my favorite as a kid, since I DESPISED snakes, but even still, it grabbed my attention and held it as I flipped the pages to discover what happened next in Harry’s crazy story. If you haven’ yet got around to reading it, you should. Trust me, there’s a reason it’s so famous.

Until next time!

-Sonora Mae





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