Cosmos Battles

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a boy named Jakken Cosmos. He lived on a barren ice world named Mathnon. He lived a simple life, with his mother and father as ice formers, and he was content. But all that changed when his father, Muscos Comos, was called to fight in the Great War. Jakken didn’t know what the war was about, but he did know that one day, when he was old enough, he would leave the white ice world he called home and join his father.

Then something extraordinary and spectacuar happened. The girl, Juana, who he had been snapchatting on his android phone, snapped him a photo of a peace sign captioned ‘Help!’ He quickly asked for her number and she gave it to him. “Wow,” he thought, “ It’s a good thing I’m not a total creeper, otherwise she would’ve given her contact info to a berserko.” Nonetheless, he called her, and she asked him right off the bat;

“Can you sing?”


“CAN YOU SING???????” she screamed.

“Sure?” I answered timidly. I was actually a decent singer… but I didn’t want to brag. Also I had a war to attend to. So I hung up. And then my phone rang again. I groaned, then answered.


“Previous call was  a decoy. Meet our transport in the Iceland Wastes. Delete this message,” came a garbled voice over the phone, seemingly scrambling to hide his/her identity.

I went inside to break the new to my mother, after deleting the call. She didn’t try to stop me–she knew as well as I this might be our big chance to get my father back. So she sent me with food and a blaster pistol, and I set off to the Iceland Wastes.

I arrived an hour later, and there stood a girl; the very last girl I wanted to see at the moment.

“Juana, I have a battle to attend to. Don’t drag me into your singsong mess.”

“I am in the middle of a war too–”

“Not interested.”


“Still not interested.”

“I could help you… “

“You? You’re about as skinny as a twig. You wouldn’t last but two minutes in the war zone.”

She reached over and slapped me. Hard.

“What was that for?” I asked. Then she smacked me again.

“STOP!!!!” I yelled. I would hit her back, but I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her hippie gods.

“Goodbye.” She said. She was about to walk away when she turned and smacked me in the face AGAIN. All right, hippie gods or no, she had crossed the line. I fired my pistol in the air as a warning, but she just smacked me again, this time on my arm.

I had tried to be civil. It hadn’t worked. So I smacked her. Then I turned and walked away. She followed me. WHYYYYYYYYY???????? I groaned. Very loudly. Then I relented.

“FINE. I still despise you, but FINE.” So she followed me. And believe me, she only got MORE annoying.

As soon as we were in her spaceship, she smacked me in the face.


“You were supposed to act like you’re here to help with the stupid singing thing!” She growled. “The Kingdom can’t know about the Resistance’s involvement in your life! That’s why I sent the decoy message!”

I stopped her. “The Resistance? What is going ON here?”

“You know the Supreme Leader Hatshepoopa? He’s your father.”


“Ya, didn’t you see? He posted it on Facebook.”

I was in so much shock that I accidentally put my hand in the laser jet stream that powered the spaceship’s motors, and my hand got cut off.


I screamed. I felt myself blacking out.

“Why didn’t he tell me?” I kept on repeatng. Then everything went black.


When I came to, I was in a mostly empty room with only a bed and a desk in it. Well, that’s what I thought, anyways, when I saw a soft cough. I looked around, and spotted a BEAUTY–FULL girl in the corner with two cinnamon buns stuck to the sides of her head. Of course, I instantly fell in love with her.

“You have very nice buns,” I told her. She looked at me quizzically.

“THE HAIR! I MEANT THE HAIR!!” I exclaimed.

“Although, actually…”

“Okay, shut up,” she told me. “Me and my buns are called Princess Adiele, and we’re here to save YOUR buns from the virtual realitiy stimulator you got stuck in when you followed that evil dude disguised as a hippie.”

I looked and realized my hand was still there. Well, THAT was lucky.

“You mean, my father ISN’T evil?” I asked.

“Well…” started Adiele, the Princess of Buns.

“Please don’t say it…”

“It’s not my place to say.” Adiele got up and started towards the door.

“Wait! I need your buns! I mean your advice!” I called after her. But she just left, leaving me bunless and clueless. I tried to remember what I was doing here in the first place–a war or something? Maybe I could go back to that. But wait… what if THAT was part of the virtual reality thing? Wait… what if THIS was? I was now very confuzzled.

There was only one thing to do. I walked out the door. Once out there, I saw Princess Adiele’s buns–and the rest of her–headed towards her ship. I knew I had to follow her. So once, she was in her ship, I climbed in, too–a stowaway.

I was eating a very nice stolen sandwich when she found me.

“So. You decided to come after all.”

“Ya.”I mumbled through a mouthful of sandwhich. We just flew in silence for a while, and we came to a stop at a familiar place–my home.

“So um why are we here exactly?” I asked the Queen of Buns, as I had begun to think of her.

“To gather your army then initiate the war,” she replied in a seemingly well rehearsed voice.

“Well that makes sense,” I supposed.We walked out of the ship to gather the army of the Rebellion. At least.. I THINK that’s what we were doing. But I guess I wasn’t sure what I was doing my whole life. Now was the time to find out.

To be continued…………..

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