MMGM: Keeper of the Lost Cities

Hey guys! I’m doing my post for MMGM a little early, as I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow for the 3 day weekend, but I am VERY EXCITED about the book I am reviewing! So, onto the review:

Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger, is the first book in my absolutely favoritest series existing in this world. And for good reason. This middle grade fantasy has an amazing and original plot line, with twists and turns sprinkled throughout. The book lends to you mental pictures that cause your heart to race and leap in fear and joy. And then there’s the characters. OH, the characters….. Β The characters in this book, from the main character to the characters-you-only-see-for-like-one-chapter…. they’re ALL amazing. You will feel as though you know them, like what happens to them, happens to you. You will truly deeply care about Sophie and her friends, and THAT more than anything else, is what makes this book so amazing.


Sophie Foster has a secret. Ever since she bumped her head and passed out when she was 5 years old, she could read minds. Now, 12 years old, she has been struggling with this burden for quite some time… especially since she’s pretty sure that no one else in her world shares her strange talent.

Then, she meets Fitz. One fateful day, on a field trip to a museum, a boy named Fitz recognizes her, and tells her that he can read minds, too. Not only that, though. Sophie and Fitz are from a world humans know as the Lost Cities. (Shalingri’la, Atlantis…..) Also, they are elves. Fitz takes Sophie to Eternalia, the elves capital city, and together with Keefe, Dex, and Biana, Fitz and Sophie embark on adventures to untangle the web of mystery behind Sophie’s existence and to escape from rebels who seek to destroy Sophie….. and her whole, newly discovered world.

In this debut novel, Sophie and her friends draw you in, and never let you go. Read it. Love it. Read all the other books. Obsess over them. Β Read Shannon’s other series. Follow her on Instagram, and Twitter, and obsessively read her blog. Do fan art, and book reviews, and enter giveaways. Join me in the endless wait for KOTLC book 5. And don’t dwell too much o what you will do with your life after the series is over.. πŸ™‚ Definitely recommend this book for ONE AND ALL. It is amazing, everything about it is amazing, and i mean I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, buuuut… I mean really. THEY’RE SO SHINY. Until next week!

-Sonora Mae


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  1. Excellent review. I agree with you. The very first book is my favorite because everything was so magical and enchanting (felt the same way about the Potter series.) You are hooked from the first book. The book covers are really eye-catching and beautiful! However, each sequel gets a little darker and leads Sophie and her friends on a roller coaster quest of discovery, adventure and danger as she tries to understand why she is created by the Black Swan and what is her purpose. Outstanding series.

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