MMGM: Of Giants and Ice

The book Of Giants and Ice, by Shelby Bach, is the first book in the EVERAFTERS series. It’s a creative twist on a fairy tale retelling, and an AMAZING book.  🙂  (But, just let me tell ya, once you reach the end of this series, you will cry about it being over) Rory, Chase, and Lena will stick with you till the end of time, and they’re some pretty good people to have stick by you.



Rory Landon- Rory Landon is the main character. She is 12 years old, and she has two (famous) divorced Hollywood parents. She mostly lives with her mom. She is also DEATHLY afraid of heights.

Chase Turnleaf- Chase is very popular and well known, and loves to tease Rory. He is extremely good with a sword. He is afraid of bones and crying, and at first, to put it simply, does not get along with Rory. He is known to be “cute” (blond hair blue eyes) but…… let’s just say he has a lot of secrets. Like a LOT.

Lena LaMarelle- lena is Rory’s first real friend. Lena is an amazing inventor, and the first book is about Lena’s “Tale.” (See more about “Tales” below)

Brief Summary

Rory Landon is always moving, since her mom is a Hollywood star, and she never really has any close friends. She spends a lot of time in the library every day after school, waiting for her super late mom to pick her up. Hence, Rory’s mom decides to enroll her in E.A.S., ( Ever After School ) a sort of “day care,” but for kids Rory’s age ( middle grade – high school ) Rory goes … and learns there’s more to this place than “day care.” In fact, EAS is a school for……. fairy tale characters! Each character, or student, at EAS, will eventually get a “Tale,” some form of a retelling of a classic fairy tale.

Soon, Rory’s friend, Lena, gets her Tale. (Jack and the Beanstalk) She is allowed to choose 2 companions to aid her in her quest.  She chooses Rory (who is surprised) and Chase. (who is not surprised)

Join Rory, Chase, and Lena on their adventures as they race from one dangerous situation to the next, all the while learning secrets about their world… and about themselves.

Pros: good plot, suspenseful, good ending, surprising, good awesome  characters

Cons: Ummmm idk actually. Sometimes it makes you cry?

I highly recommend this book to anyone in search of a funny, adventurous book, and to everyone who loves a good fairy tale.

P.S. Read them all! They’re all amazing! There are 4 of them! Links below:

Of Giants and Ice

Of Witches and Wind

Of Sorcery and Snow

Of Enemies and Endings

And here’s Shelby Bach’s website: (if you email her, ask for her ginger chocolate chip cookie recipe-seriously it’s amazing)

See ya next Monday!

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