Our New Year’s Resolutions


Written By Sonora Mae Slater and Keegan Kathryn O’Sullivan BESTIE OF FRIENDSIES and d4wstbrtf

  1. Screenshot 2016-01-04 at 11.46.42 AM
  2. Don’t let our friends do silly things….. alone
  3. Have more inside jokes (purple scalp, get married)
  4. Pin 217 pins to d4w (212 left!)
  5. Bake more Nutella things
  6. Overthrow Carson from his frauded position of power
  7. Read lots of books–like these ones: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ezZHQSri3VLW86bxCC00BbsmzOQLD9-au1AiU8gOqYw/edit, the next KOTLC book,
  8. Participate in at least 3 events that make us messy ( ex: silly string war, twister w/shaving cream, etc.)
  9. Have Keegs read my book/story
  10. Do a round robin
  11. post a lot on D4W website
  12. Build a snowman/snow fort
  13. Finish our map of Keegs backyard
  14. finish the wreck this journal at the cabin
  15. Get walkie talkies
  16. Add to our time capsule
  17. Do some awesome hairstyles
  18. (for sonono only) Write an epic graduation speech that has a lot of rambling abt the epicness of Keegan
  19. Make a lot of cool hairbows i.e. star wars, marvel, disney, monsters ink, kotlc
  20. Screenshot 2016-01-04 at 11.46.30 AM
  21. (for Sonono especially) Watch LOTR and Indiana Jones b/c I’ve never seen them
  22. Watch a lot of girl meets world and REBEL against the Maya and Lucas ‘situation’ 😛
  23. Make D4W cupcakes and bookmarks and other things
  24. Go meet an author together who we haven’t read their book lol jk just meet an author
  25. (for Keegan) do a lot of hairstyles on Sonora and Rita(the mannequin) (LOL)
  26. Teach sonono’s kitties some *ADORABLE* tricks
  28. Publish the declaration of weirdness ✔
  29. make up some sort of weird world record and break it (and find a weird world record and break it)
  30. Steal all the boys stinky socks and burn them along with the constitution test
  31. Take more bff pics


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