MMGM: SWITCH , by Ingrid Law

SWITCH, by Ingrid Law, is a companion novel to Ingrid’s previous books, SAVVY and SCUMBLE. In the Beaumont family, you get a “savvy” when you turn 13. It’s kind of like a special ability, or a super power.

Gypsy narrates this fun and thoughtful story. The novel begins on the morn of Gypsy’s 13th birthday. Of course, she HOPES for something awesome, like the ability to fly or dance gracefully……. but but she DOES receive as her savvy, NO ONE saw coming. Ironically. BECAUSE (as you could probably guess from her name) her savvy is to see the past and the future!

BUT unfortunately, she has some trouble learning to “scumble” her savvy, or control it. Just when she’s starting to figure it out, something crazy happens. ALL of the Beaumont’s savvys turn topsy turvy! Gypsy’s once perfect mother, is now an extreme klutz. Gypsy’s once-able-to-turn-invisible brother…. can now light himself on fire. And what can Gypsy do? Well, GYPSY can keep herself in the present. GYPSY can freeze time.

To add to all the chaos, Gypsy had one last vision before the switch… and if she knows ONE THING.. it’s that she has to stop that vision from coming true.

This inspiring novel reminds us to live in the present… as long as when the time comes, we’re ready to move onto the future. Come what may. 🙂


Pros:  Suspenseful, thought-provoking, funny, AWESOME characters,  good length, unique/original/creative storyline, plot twists you never saw coming

Cons:  The ending kinda left some ends unfinished


Anyways, this book was a quick, fun read, and I can’t WAIT for Ingrid Law’s next book. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  1. Ohmigosh! I loved SAVVY, but haven’t gotten the chance to check out the others! I think it’s about time that I do! I love your blog by the way, it looks wonderful! 🙂 PS. Welcome to MMGM!

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